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How to put 7 children in a room of 9 square meters?!

When Elene Dzodzuashvili, a young single mom of seven children, applied for help to our Fund “Social Partnership”, we could not even imagine...
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When Elene Dzodzuashvili, a young single mom of seven children, applied for help to our Fund “Social Partnership”, we could not even imagine the whole horror of their life!

How to put 7 children to bed in a small room of 9 square meters – it’s a real problem of every day in the family of Dzodzuashvili with many children!

They live in the district Ponichala, on the skirts of Tbilisi, in an old abandoned dormitory, which is just about to be pulled down. Inspite the fact that the building is not suitable for living, Elene is waiting for this day with horror – she fears that in case of pulling down of the building she will be left outside with her children!

In a tiny room there are 2 beds and a wardrobe, on each of the beds sleep three children! And the mother puts her seventh child right onto the floor!

They eat here, do their homework and even take a bath, because it is impossible to use the shared shower room on that floor! It is difficult to put it in words: it is cold in the shared shower room and in the closet, there are awful insanitary conditions, there is often no water supply and it is full of rats!

There are rats in this building everywhere! Elene puts rat catchers to protect themselves from rats and constantly attentively follows that her children do not get hit!

It is sad that Elene has to pay for living in such building! She pays 120 GEL for monthly rent – it is an impossibly high amount for her!

The Dzodzuashvilis are so poor that their children do not have enough clothes, shoes and school supplies! Due to these facts the children often miss the school!

The family eats once a day, Elene brings the meal from the social canteen. The children say it is tasty… But they have no other choice and they cannot compare this food with some other food!

Inspite of the problems the children are very kind and well educated. The oldest Mariam is 15 years old. She wants to become an interpreter to translate Georgian tales into foreign languages. 13 year old Beka is a modest and hard-working boy. After their father left the family Mariam and Beka help their mother with the housework and they take care of their little brothers and sisters! Despite constant malnutrition and living in awful conditions 11 year old Luka goes in for sport and wins medals and diplomas! Teona and Nino study well, they know that in this way they will be able to get out of hopeless penury! Giorgi is 8 years old and he is well educated and thinks like an adult. The youngest Saba is 5 years old and he is often sad, because he has no toys!

In order to survive the family of Dzodzuashvili needs food products and medicines for children, health aids and school supplies, clothes and shoes!

Fund “Social Partnership” cannot keep out of unbearable misfortunes of these people, because we start an action for fund raising for the family of Dzodzuashvili with many children!

Only with joint efforts we can relieve inhuman sufferings of this poor family and rescue these innocent children from hunger, cold, humiliation and miserable life!

If you can provide some financial aid, you may transfer money on the bank account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000  (destination: Family Dzodzuashvili) or pay direct from our web-site

If you cannot help, then share this story to others so that it could find its addressee!

The hearts of these seven children are beating in expectation of a miracle and the hope for help of kind people!

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