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Children often have to go to bed starving!

Father of five children Zviad Tediashvili referred for help to our Charity Foundation “Social Partnership”.
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Project completed!

Father of five children Zviad Tediashvili referred for help to our Charity Foundation “Social Partnership”. Because of having undergone seven operations he cannot work physically any more, cannot maintain the family and feed his children…

Those people are in terrible despair, as they have nobody to ask for support! Five minor kids: Nino, Nato, Nana, Keto and one-year old Nodar are at the edge trying to survive! They know very well what is to go to sleep starving, walk around barefoot as they have no shoes and live in damp windy room!

Zviad Tediashvili, his wife and their children live near Tbilisi in abandoned house with huge cracks and snakes penetrating. Some walls are “heated” with cartons and old blankets. There are no conveniences, water supply or sewerage system. In order to get some potable water they have to go to the nearest water station. However, very often, there is no water too there, and therefore, they have to fill all the vessels available at home.

All the seven sleep on three half-broken beds picked up at the dumpsite, they eat at the half-broken table with peeling off paint! There are just three chairs, written off at the local school!

Elder children often while raining and in bad weather have to miss out school, as they have no shoes.

Currently, the standing of the family Tediashvili is just terrible: tiny allowance for socially unprotected is not enough! They need badly any of your help: food, hygienic means, and medicine for children, wood, cloths for children, shoes, linen!

They only have hope of kind people! They believe in you, as you can really feel their pain and torture!

Look at the photos! No words are needed here… You will be assured in what terrible conditions family with many children in modern Georgia live near you!

Please, as the international day of children is coming be kind and help those poor children! As they do not need much… They just dream of having bread at home always!

The Foundation “Social Partnership” is launching charity action in order to raise funds for Tediashvili family with many children. We ask you to stand by our side and to help! Your even most insignificant assistance will make them to stay alive! If you can help financially please transfer money to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Tediashvili Family) or pay directly at the site:

Do not stay indifferent, do good for those poor children and that will return to you and your children!

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