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lonely old woman cannot get away without your help!

Stories of beneficiaries of the Foundation “Social Partnership” make one always cry. Even your worst enemy would not deserve what had Leila...
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Stories of beneficiaries of the Foundation “Social Partnership” make one always cry. Even your worst enemy would not deserve what had Leila Sikharulidze suffered!

Her surname - Sikharulidze (meaning joy in Georgian), but she had never any reasons to be joyful for. Favorite profession only made her happy – she worked as medical assistant in the department for prematurely born infants at Tbilisi Maternity House #1 and assisted hundreds of helpless kids!

Problems and difficulties were waiting for her at home. After prolonged and heavy disease her beloved husband died. She had to maintain the family and to take care of two kids completely alone.

Leila had barely recovered from that terrible tragedy, when she lost both her children: her daughter died in car accident, and then as the result of heart stroke her son passed away also. The only grandson helped Leila to survive! She started to live for him only. In order maintain her little grandson, the old grandmother had to sell sunflower seeds near the metro station…

Nevertheless even worse was waiting for Leila ahead! Teenager grandson of Leila could not handle the problems of his age and committed suicide. So she lost her last dear one!

Endless torture and misery completely destroyed her health, she almost lost her sight, suffered from heart diseases, acute pain in joints occurred as the result of which Leila practically became bedridden.

Her tiny pension – 150 GEL is not enough even for the most essential things: medicines and food! For 100 GEL she rents a room of 8 m2 in Nadzaladevi District, which is more a kind of closet. It is damp, cold and narrow space, with concrete floor and no amenities… And on remaining 50 GEL that poor old lady somehow manages to live the entire month!

“Sometimes I eat just nothing, and at times my food is bread, all that in order to spare some money to buy painkillers! If my children were alive they would have taken care of me, but now I am completely alone …” – Leila says in despair.

Our Foundation “Social Partnership” refers to you all those hearty people, asking to help that poor miserable old woman, who has nobody in the entire world and who suffers from heavy diseases! Let us show her we care and need her, that even having lost all those she loved she can count on kind people!

If you can held that poor grandma to survive transfer money for medicines and food to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Leila Sikharulidze) or pay directly at our webpage:

We have already helped so many people in need! Let us support this poor old woman too, as nobody is secured from terrible destiny and lonely senility! Who knows maybe someday you will also need assistance of other people!


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