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7-year-old Amiko lives in the cattle barn!

It is awful when a child is suffering from hellish pain and the parents cannot help!
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It is awful when a child is suffering from hellish pain and the parents cannot help!

The father of a seriously ill boy applied to “Chernovetskyi's charity fund” who was hopeless and in despair and couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Amiko is our firstborn, whose birth brought great joy to our family. He was a healthy, happy, smart boy, our joy. But our happiness was short-lived. In a short time Amiko had headaches and vomiting. The boy was treated with the cold, sometimes stomach upset... No one could even admit that he had a terrible disease - medulloblastoma - brain tumor "- after these words a grown man began to cry and could not continue his bitter story.

After oncotomy Amiko had meningitis. We had to send the baby for treatment abroad. He’s been in the hospital for 3 months struggled against the disease. Despite the gravity of the situation the boy survived. In order to pay for surgery and aftertreatment, the family sold all valuables: a house, a car, furniture, technical appliances, even dishes and clothes!

We returned to Georgia not knowing where to go and to whom to apply. They were left outside with a sick child, without any means of existence. They moved into an abandoned farm in a cattle barn. In the destroyed building there are no windows and doors, it is full of rats and is totally unsuitable for living. There is no electricity, no water ... it is even dangerous to be in this building, which is unfitted for living!

This unfortunate family equipped a tiny room for themselves in the barn!

Intolerable living conditions, constant cold and damp aggravate heavy condition of the boy. Amiko is sick all the time, constantly lies in bed...

The family lives without any support and assistance. Due to the fact that the boy was taken abroad for treatment, the family was deprived of social allowance. Now they're just hungry!

"When Amiko was in the hospital for 8 months, I was next to him, I did not eat to save money and to buy a toy for my kid. I know it did not reduce hellish pain, but he was so happy... These moments of joy give me strength to live and fight! "- Says grief-stricken father, wiping away tears of despair. - "I beg you, all good people, help my little boy! For two years, he has endured so much pain and suffers from such pain that no adult would have enough strength to endure. We dream to somehow improve the living conditions of our son, dream that Amiko always has medicines and food. He was so weak that can hardly get out of bed!"

"Chernovetskyi's charity fund" cannot leave this seriously ill child and his unhappy parents alone with their misfortune! Therefore, we begin a charity event to raise funds to help Amiko! Every truly kind and sympathetic person can transfer money at the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Amiko Manukyan) or pay directly from site

Do not stay away from huge grief and troubles of the family Manukyan! Please, support their small innocent child! Your even the shallow support will alleviate his sufferings and give Amiko hope for the future!


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