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Children from house of ghosts!

March 20, 2017       691
This is not a shot from the scary movie; you have probably seen something like that only in scary movie. Terrible old house with broken windows...
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This is not a shot from the scary movie; you have probably seen something like that only in scary movie. Terrible old house with broken windows, hardly accessible. Black mildew covers all the walls, concrete floor… it is dangerous to stay here, and the family of Sophiko and Nugzar Shengelia with seven children live in this terrible house… though their existence might be hardly called life!

Everybody seem to have forgotten about them… Relatives, friends and state! They have become ghosts in their own house and obviously seem to get used to that. They have their own world, nobody care about which, and they do not even dream to get out of it.

The youngest Keti is 3 years old, she has never tried candies, and at times, she even has no bread. Luka is 7 years old, the only toy and the most reliable friend of his is a cat! 10-year old Mose never in his life has left the territory of his village; he even does not know that there is another world apart from his own – scary and terrible! Marta is 13 years old; girls of his age start flirting, dress up nice, and Marta just lives, exists… She has never had new cloths and she will hardly ever have any. Mariam, Mate and Markoz do not consider each other children. They have never had childhood, they have no past or present and probably they will have no future.

Their only means of existence is the tiny social allowance! It is not enough to buy food. Mother Sophiko tries to feed her family for 400 GEL per month, to what extent it is possible you are to decide. Miserable amount earned by the father are spent for the household running fees.

Childrenarestarving, andifwedonothelpthemtorecover Дети голодают, и если мы не сможем им помочь встать на ноги, они просто умрут. Can you allow that children living by our side die of hunger? Even a loaf of bread is luxury for them!

Children do not go to school and kindergarten for the simple reason – they have no clothes and shoes. Besides, children weakened of hunger can hardly sit at the lessons.

The only thing the parents ask for is their children to stop starving, that they can eat at least twice a day and sleep peacefully at nights, without anxiety that the children might awake of hunger and could not sleep to the dawn.

No additional words are needed here! Look at the photos; you will see entire horror and vanity of standing of this miserable family, in which the children are deprived of childhood!

We have no right to stay indifferent to this terrible misery! We shall decide on density of 7 children! Only we can help them!

Chernovetsky Charity Foundation launches the action to raise funds for support of family Shengelia. In order to survive, the family needs food, hygienic means, medicines for children, wood and children clothes! Your even insignificant help will help them to survive! If you can provide financial assistance, you shall transfer money to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Shengelia Family) or pay directly at the website of the Foundation:

With the cumulative efforts only we can facilitate the destiny of this poor family and rescue innocent children of cold, hunger and miseries. And if you cannot help financially, please share this story in order it finds its proper addressee!

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