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Mother died… Father is very ill… we are scared!

The children had barely survived their mother´s death and they do not want to lose their father as well
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People who abandoned all hope for future, families who have no one to rely on or to expect help address Chernovetskiy Charity Fund… Over the years of existence of our Fund, during 5 years, we have heard many heartbreaking stories, seen many tragedies, but the story of Kviraia family knocked us senseless.

It was a happy family, full of love and understanding. Guram worked; he had never been lazy about labor to earn the living of his family and to provide it with all things needed. However, the peace and harmony of the family was destroyed by the sudden Lana’s illness. In just a couple of days brain attack brought the mother of three children to her grave. 10-year old Beka, 8-year old Reziko and 7-year old Lika were made orphans…

It was extremely hard to survive this loss. Father Guram took every effort not to fall into dismay, not to show his tears to the children, to be strong and to dismiss pain and sorrow within himself… Somehow he managed with it, but due to constant stress and inner turmoil his health failed. Over the last year he endured such sufferings and was in such pain which not everyone by far would be able to stand. When he sought medical advice he was given a horrible diagnosis – glioblastoma (cerebral tumor), and urgent operation was prescribed... During the last months he is in hospital very often.

The children had barely survived their mother´s death and they do not want to lose their father as well… All of them are with him all the time, they do not leave him even for a while, looking into his eyes and constantly asking “Daddy, how are you, aren’t you in pain?”

They are so little for all the misfortunes they survived.

This long-suffering family lives in a tiny room of former student dormitory, without any conveniences. Unbearable living conditions, permanent cold and humidity aggravate the enough already hard state of the father and the kids. Because of consistent malnutrition the children are very weak and almost always sick.

So lives this family without any support or help. Previously they were helped by their aunt, Guram’s sister. She traded in the street, but once street trading was forbidden the family was left without any means at all.

Chernovetskiy Charity Fund cannot leave this miserable family alone with their misfortune! We implore everyone to assist and to give them extend them a helping hand! Guram needs expensive medication and the children need food products, clothes, shoes, school supplied and personal care products! For this reason we start a charitable action of fund raising for their help! Each passionately kind and sympathetic person can transfer money for them to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Kviraia family) or pay directly from web-site

Although we would not be able to return the mother to these wonderful children, but it is really possible for us to soothe the father’s sufferings and to give hope for the future for the children!