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Children in 21 st century walk barefoot

“We addressed all state authorities but we did not get any basic assistance. You are the last hope of these children. Save another large family from dying
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“We addressed all state authorities but we did not get any basic assistance… you
are the last hope of these children. Save another large family from dying…”
We received this letter from Anna Pesvianidze from Ochkhamuri village, whose
children are starving to death. The youngest Yelena is 3 years old, Irina is 6, Zuriko is
10, Nodaru is 13, and the eldest Tinatin is 16 years old. The parents think the world of
their children, but unfortunately they cannot provide them with even the most essential.
Before the illness their father used to work, earned just enough to support his
family. Everything changed dramatically when he fell seriously ill and could not work
physically any more. The family started to live in poverty.
They live in a dilapidated house without any conveniences. The building is unfit
for living, and one can call it a “house” only theoretically. There is no water supply, gas
or light in the building...
Mother and children carry water from the yard. And much water is needed for
seven people... But bringing water is not the half of it! They even don’t’ have a
washbasin to wash the face! Another problem is bathing – they go to their kind
neighbors to have a bath by turns.
Could you imagine that in the 21 st century in Georgia a family prepare food, do
laundry, wash themselves and use toilet in the same room? It is hard to imagine that
very often parents have to put the children to bed hungry, without a hope that they
would be able to feed them the next day…
As the children do not have clothes and shoes, they do not go to school. They
want to study very much, but physically it is impossible.
Due to continuous malnutrition, cold and humidity the children are often ill, and
parents do not have any possibility to buy medicines. If they buy medicines for one
child, all the rest will stay without bread.
Despite all the horrors of their daily life, if you enter their house you will see the
cheerful mother and the kids whose sincere smiles outshine all the awful poverty and
dark sordidness which surround them.
And now have a look at the photos, but not just with your eyes but with your
heart! There is no need for spare words... There is a need to act! And the sooner the
The Romanadze Family acutely needs any assistance: food, hygiene products,
medicines for children, children’s clothes and warm clothes!
We initiate fund raising action to support the family. You can transfer money to
the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000
(purpose: Romanadze Family) or pay directly from our web-site
Do not remain aloof, make good for the poor kids and it will for sure return to you
and your children!

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