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If I die, what would happen to my son…

July 4, 2017       1898
Their home burnt to ashes, and all that had been hard-earned was destroyed by the fire. They moved to an old trailer...
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  Unfortunately the phrase “and they lived happily ever after” from fairy tales is actually unachievable in real life. Somebody’s health failed, somebody got into a misfortune, somebody lost his home, someone’s child fell ill or husband died… and Shekiladze Family was overwhelmed by all this, as with a snowball… unexpectedly and all of a sudden!

Their home burnt to ashes, and all that had been hard-earned was destroyed by the fire. They moved to an old trailer; they thought that things would straighten out… They wanted to start their life all over again, but on the nervous basis the son got diabetes… the parents did everything possible to cure him, but the illness persisted.

These circumstances did not hinder Pridon from becoming an artist. He graduated from the Academy and returned to his native village. Even now his paintings adorn the walls of kindergartens and schools.

But the cruel illness overpowered and rendered the young man bedridden. Once again he became a small boy for his parents: he can do nothing independently. And his father and mother have to take care of him, as during the first years of his life… But soon the father died because of emotional stress, and Lalo left practically alone in the trailer with a seriously ill son…

“It was easier to dress and bathe the son when there were two of us, and now I cannot manage all that all alone” – says Lalo through tears and caresses her son’s head. Pridon is 52 years old now, his mother is 77; she has no forces left, she herself needs help and support… and she has to give water to his son from a bottle and feed him with a spoon, having mashed the food with a fork before that.

It is very unlikely that you have ever met more miserable family... If not for the good neighbors, they would have died of hunger and cold long ago in their trailer. No money is left to buy food products – the tiny pension is totally spent on buying essential medicines for the son! And again, there is nobody to go to the shop, Lalo can hardly move in the yard.

What can we do for this poor family? How could we support the ill young man and his long-suffering mother?

Chernovetskyi Fund urges all kind people not to remain uninvolved in the enormous sorrow and grieves of Shekiladze Family! Any help, even the smallest one (food, medicines, hygiene products) will help to alleviate their sufferings and give them a hope for the future!

If you have a possibility to provide financial help to this poor family in order to buy foods, hygiene products and bedclothes, you can transfer money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000  (Purpose:PridonShekiladze) or pay directly from the Fund web-site

Changing one single life for the better you change the whole world for the better!

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