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Life in the solitude of her own room – Story of Catherine Gamrekeli!

There was a time when Gamrekeli Family used to live happily! Then things went wrong. First, 20-year old daughter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
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There are lots of people and families around us whose life was turned into suffering by a tragedy that hailed on them. What could be worse when you are young and spend days in one room, within four walls, when your hope that the life would change for the better dwindles day by day.

There was a time when Gamrekeli Family used to live happily! Then things went wrong. First, 20-year old daughter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This diagnosis split Catherine’s life in two parts; it rendered this cheerful young girl bedridden. Mother’s illness and traffic accident of Catherine’s brother made the situation even more complicated. In order to deal with all these problems Gamrekeli Family had to sell their apartment and move to a rented house.

Catherine used to be proficient in the English language, she was going to become a teacher, but the serious illness prevented her dreams from coming true. When her peers received diplomas she learned about her diagnosis.

Almost 10 years passed since then. Now it is a family with a severely ill family member, living with a tiny social allowance and pension. Every month they need to pay for apartment rental, and Catherine needs many medicines. Very often they face a choice – to pay for rent, to buy a medicine or to buy food. Catherine cannot move without a wheelchair, and still she uses it only during very short periods of time. Day after day she lies in bed in one tiny room. Her diagnosis is so serious that her mother cannot leave her alone even for a while and takes care of her as if she was a baby. As she even cannot comb her hair herself.

For two consecutive years now Chernovetskyi Fund has been helping Gamrekeli Family. In the framework of Domestic Care project, social workers and a nurse of the Fund often visit Catherine, bring her medicines, food and hygiene products which are so necessary for her everyday routine.

You can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Catherine Gamrekeli) or pay directly from web-site

Maybe neither do we have a perfect life, and our soul is also troubled my many routine problems, but admit it, in comparison with the problems faced by this young lady, all others seem to be a trifle. We shall prevent this girl from feeling forgotten and forsaken – and we all together will manage this. Let us share at least a little! Certainly, it will not resolve all her problems, but at least it will ease her sufferings. Let us lend a helping hand to this family! With your slightest help we will change their life for the better! Catherine will have a hope once again that she will regain her feet and that at least in spring (which she likes so much) she will be able to walk along the street without help. Let us support the hope of 30-year old Catherine Gamrekeli.

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