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Exmayor of Kyiv care of grandson of mayor of Tiflis

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July 28, 2017
By a twist of fate it happened that former mayor of Kyiv started taking care of the grandson of former mayor of Tbilisi.
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Every person has his own memorable story, as everyone's life journey is an unpredictable series of events, emotions, struggles and victories.

There have been a lot of victories in the life of 96-year old Aleksandr Argutinskiy, but the principal one happened in 1945.

Aleksandr went to war in 1942. He fought at Volkhov, Leningrad and Baltic fronts, and terminated his service in Riga. There he got acquainted with his future wife. She was Anna Vorobieva, a young beauty.

"She worked at a railway station, - recalls Aleksandr Pavlovich, - and I got acquainted with her at the cinema. To be precise, it was in line for tickets for a film. Then we went to dance, then the first kiss and... the registry office". 

Anna agreed to leave the city with her beloved one. But in Aleksandr's native city, Tbilisi, a heartbreaking event was waiting for him. This is how he recalls about it:

"We arrive in Tbilisi and enter the yard of my home; we are surrounded by neighbors; all of them give us a hug, a kiss and cry, and not a word at all. I go up the stairs, approach the door of my apartment and shout: "Mom, Dad, I'm home, open the door!". But there was nobody in to open. My parents were not alive any more".

After the war Aleksandr Pavlovich worked at Tbilisi Aviation Factory; he worked, as they say, day and night; he earned the "veteran of work" title; he did his best to take care of his wife, but they never had children.

Today Aleksandr Argutinskiy lives alone. His wife died ten years ago. The neighbours left each his own way as the house which has more than a hundred years is in emergency condition: the walls cracked; there are holes in the ceiling, the wooden floor creaks when one steps on it, and God forbid it would collapse!

The grandson of former mayor of Tiflis has to live in really depressing conditions.

The thing is that Aleksandr's grandfather – Aleksandr Argutinskiy-Dolgorukov – in 1902 was elected for the post of mayor of Tiflis.

"Once Mikael Aramyants, a businessman from Tiflis, addressed my Granddad, and expressed his readiness to help the city, – continues the story Aleksandr Pavlovich. Grandfather said that the city lacks hospitals and the municipal exchecker does not have money to build them. Aramyants agreed to donate enormous amount for those days, notably 100.000 thousand rubles, but under condition that the hospital would be named after him. Grandfather made a proposal in response – they will do it only if 100 beds will be allocated for free treatment of the poor." 

Aleksandr Pavlovich has never seen his famous grandfather. His parents told him about his Granddad.

So, in summer 1921 Aleksandr Argutinskiy-Dolgorukov got sick. He was taken to the hospital named after Aramyants. When a nurse ran into the ward where the ex-mayor was lying and told that now he had a grandson called after him, the old man sarted crying with joy. In a couple of hours he passed away. It was 20th July 1921. 

Contemporary municipal authorities of Tbilisi proposed Aleksandr Pavlovich to move to a rented apartment more than once, but he refused outright.

"They will pay for my rent for a couple of months, and then? I don't believe that the city administration would constantly pay for my living. I would rather live out my remaining days in my native home, although no close or familiar people left here", – says Aleksandr Argutinskiy.

As a veteran of war he receives a pension in the amount of 300 lari. Therefore, he cannot receive any social allowance. How could such a tiny amount suffice for almost a century-old man who almost cannot move and requires constant attendance?

By a twist of fate it happened that former mayor of Kyiv started taking care of the grandson of former mayor of Tbilisi.

Over more than 5 years Chernovetskyi Fund provides help to Aleksandr Argutinskiy.

Doctors and nurses of the Fund visit him every week, and sometimes even several times a week; they constantly observe his health, set a course of treatment for him and make healing procedures.

Uncle Sasha (this is how he asks to be called) receives food products, hygiene means, and last year Chernovetskyi Fund collected donations and bought a refrigerator for him. Over all these years he received medicines and food for an amount of about 2000 lari.

Certainly, it is important. But most of all Aleksandr Argutinskiy, in his 96 years old, needs communication, some kind words, understanding and support. Just the warmth of human communication can somehow brighten up the poor living of a lonely person.

Aleksandr Pavlovich likes it so much when people congratulate him with the Victory Day! As the expression goes, this is sacred for him. For this reason the staff of Chernovetskyi Fund visits Uncle Sasha every 9th May. They come to him with presents, and most importantly - with a kind smile on their faces which sustain his life. By the way, they do not come alone. This year Aleksandr Pavlovich was congratulated with the Victory Day by foster children of Chernovetskyi Fund Childrens' Home. They made a small performance for him.

.. The day when we visited Aleksandr Argutinskiy was extremely hot. The old ventilator hardly moved the hot air in the room. Tiny TV set produced about 20 years ago was switched ON to the full pitch, and despite the closed windows a cacophony of car signals sounded from the street. 

Aleksandr Pavlovich spoke in a low voice, slowly; he felt badly and lacked air.

When we decided to leave in order not to disturb the old man anymore, he stopped us, asked to switch on the camera, held his breath and started:

"Mr. Leonid, your good deeds will not remain unanswered. The Father says - what you reap is what you sow. The good things you do will return with another good to you.

I greet you with all my heat and I wish you good health. Let God help you in your good deeds."

If you have a possibility to help Aleksandr Argutinskiy, you can transfer money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Aleksandr Argutinskiy) or pay directly from the Fund web-site https://chernovetskyifund.ge/ge/projects/212-argutinski/

Nothing makes us closer to God than charity! 

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