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She was Born on the Day of her Father's Funeral Day

These children were left without father, and the smallest was born on her father's funeral day...
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The tragedy which occurred in the family of Emma Kvaratskhelia and Nukri Salia could drive you crazy, it could make even the toughest person's hair curl

…Emma and Nukri were slightly more than twenty when they decided to get married, to create a big family, to bring up children, dignified citizens of their country. But in the remote village Jgali of Tsalenjihskiy Region there was no work and therefore, no chances to sustain the family.

The newly wedded moved to the capital to earn money, they rented an apartment  or lived at their friend's place. Nukri immediately started to work at a construction site, their first child was born, then the second one, the third one... They lived in poverty, but in love, understanding, respect and in hope for the better.

Nukri wanted the forth child very much. He considered that the more children there are in a family, the happier such family is. When he learned that his wife was pregnant he was extremely happy. He dreamed to touch him sooner, to hold him in his arms. But in order to make a "proper"  meeting of the new family member they needed additional funds. Nukri found additional job which became fatal for him.

The tragedy occurred on 26th July. During demolition of an old dangerous building… Either he overrated his strength, or by some other causes the wall fell and pressed Nukri down. Emma, Nukri's wife, was the first to hear the clatter and screams for help, as they lived in a bunkhouse, as they say, two steps away from the place of the accident. 

The woman on the 9th month of pregnancy ran to help. At that moment she did not know yet and could not understand what had happened.And when she saw Nukri's body lying under the heap of bricks she desperately started to bring him out crying for help.

These minutes lasted an eternity for Emma... And when she saw the beheaded body of her beloved one she fainted…

In several days, on Nukri's funeral day, his daughter – Nuki – was born. She was called in such a way after her father who was looking forward to her birth so much.

But unfortunately there are people who are not hurt by the pain of others. Emma and her four children were turned out of doors...

Fortunately their friends lived nearby. They gave them the vacant closet with bad conditions, but anyway the family was grateful for the roof over their head. But for how long?

Nukri's mother died when he was 5, the old father is bedridden, the sister is taking care of the ill son with cerebral paralysis for already 16 years. Emma's parents are poor people, they hardly make both ends meet. Maybe they shall return to the village? But what shall they live for and where, as their native wooden hut is dilapidated.

Emma is in despair.Fear for the future of her children is killing her. How can she feed them? How at all can they survive in this situation?

The four children were left without their supporter. They are totally miserable; they have neither a roof, nor any means for existence. And most importantly, they are deprived of their father's love and care. Emma is still in shock as a result of what she has gone through, and it is very unlikely that she will overcome the shock soon. And the children need the most elementary help, especially the newborn girl who was born on the day of her father's funeral.

How could they survive? What shall they eat? Who will help them?

Only we can help this poor family, dear friends.Our help will give them a sparkle of hope and help not to die of despair.

We earnestly ask you to take the sorrow of Emma Kvaratskhelia close to your heart and to provide her and her children as much help as you can, to donate them food, things for the newborn child, domestic appliances, medicines and hygiene products.

If you have a possibility you could also transfer money to the Fund accountGE15TB7194336080100003 orGE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Emma Kvaratskhelia) or directly from our Fund web-site

Let the God bless you and your family for your kind heart!

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