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A tragic event rendered a young man bedridden

Being a student at a theological seminary, was hired as a laborer at a construction site in order to help his family in curing his mother.
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Murtaz Shavidze is a beneficiary of our Fund. This young man has been severely beaten by the destiny; he had to survive lots and lots of sorrow and miseries. But he always hoped for the God. Even now, being paralyzed, he does not give up praying and believes that he will recover.

When mother of Murtaz got ill, Shavidze family had to sell all their valuables: house, car and furniture, and they had to move to a rented apartment. Being a student at a theological seminary, 25-year old Murtaz was hired as a laborer at a construction site where his father worked. He went to work there in order to earn some money and to help his family in curing his mother. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, he did not manage to save his mother...

As if it was not enough for the family, one December day 2016 became fatal for the young man. The father and the son descended in an elevator of a building under construction. Something irreparable happened. The elevator became detached and fell into the elevator shaft. Since then Murtaz is bedridden, and apart from multiple fractures his feet grew numb. For already 9 months he cannot get up from his bed, and the doctor's forecast is still discouraging.

After the operations the father somehow managed to recover, he started to walk but could not work any longer. So, grandmother of Murtaz takes care of the two helpless people. She hides her miserable feelings as much as she can and hardly can hold back from tears – as God forbid that her dear grandson would lose a hope for recovery.

Murtaz Shavidze lives in a rented apartment. Part of the rental is paid by the municipal authorities, and the rest is paid by the family surviving through hard times. As all the income of these poor people is only a tiny pension and a social allowance. It is hardly enough for simple products. Meanwhile, the two ill persons in the family require constant treatment, medicines and care.

We kindly ask you to take the sorrow of Murtaz Shavidze close to your heart and to provide assistance to this young man in form of medicines, hygiene products and food.

If you have a financial possibility, you can transfer the money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Murtaz Shavidze) or directly from our Fund web-site

Stay close to people who you could save, people, for who you are the ultimate hope!


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