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Brother is struggling for his sister's life!

At 33, she became blind, disabled and frail.
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Even the healthiest and the most successful person can get into a situation from which he or she would be unable to get out all by themselves. Sometimes it is necessary to gather the actions of the whole country not to let a person die.

Maka Tugushy was born in Konchkati Village of Ozurgetskyi Region. When she was 33 years old she lost her sight and became incapacitated and helpless. All her life-time hopes to create her own family and to build a teacher's career became impossible. The main thing now is not to lose courage and to struggle for life... for each and every moment!

Due to the elevated sugar level in blood and kidney disease she has sunk into a coma for 4 times over the last years. And it could repeat. Loss of sight, brain attack and Hepatitis C complicate her heartbreaking condition even more.

Maka is unable to move independently, and continuous unbearable pain do not leave her in peace. She feels sad and sorrowful. It is good that her brother Irakliy stays close. He physically takes care of his seriously ill sister, and as well provides her the mental support which holds her back from death.

The story of Irakliy Tugushy as a human and as a personality is extremely sorrowful. When he came to our Fund and asked us to help his sister, the adult man could not hold back from tears of disappointment and helplessness. Three times a week he takes his sister to the regional hospital for transfusion, 20 kilometers to go and return. The road is very bad and it means that the car i pounding all the way, as well as financial costs. But for his dear sister he would do everything. He wants her to live as long as possible and that she does not feel betrayed or doomed. And if he does not do this, her kidneys will fail and the young girl can die...

And Irakliy had a possibility to leave all the "burden", to go abroad and to live a comfortable life. Actually several years ago he beat the world record in barbell press ( and received an invitation from Turkey to represent this country as well as to train young sportsmen. Certainly, the money he would earn he could have sent for treatment of his sister, for a sick attendant, for buying medicines... But in his point of view it would be a betrayal of his motherland. Irakliy could not take such a step, his love to Georgia prevailed all the rest. Therefore he stayed with the helpless sister in their native village, full of troubles and worries.

Now, at the first sight, he is facing an impossible mission - how to make the live of a dear person longer?! Where to find money for her treatment, medicines, diapers, as the salary is hardly enough for simple food and constant trips to the regional hospital.

Dear friends, Tugushy family is in much need of finance. Show mercy and help these people: extend the life of this miserable woman. You can donate food, hygiene products and diapers.

If you have a financial possibility, you can transfer money to the account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Maka Tugushy) or directly from our Fund web-site

You can as well transfer money through terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in the Charity Section.

You can as well get additional information by telephone number:

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