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7 little hearts waiting for a miracle!

Hunger would not be that horrible if the people had some human living conditions! But they have no conveniences at all!
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Project completed!

When Guranda Torua, a young mother of seven children, came to our Fund we even could not imagine the whole horror of their life!

How one could feed 7 children, buy them medicines when they are sick, pay for utilities… with a social allowance 540 lari? This is less than 2 lari per day for one person… Parents can get by with bread. Elder children: Guram, Barbare, Giorgi and Anano, 12, 11, 9 and 8 years respectively, also will not cry of hunger, But what can they tell 4-year old Anamaria and 2-year old Andria when they ask to eat… When they look into the old refrigerator which has not been working since long ago, hoping to find at least a piece of old bread… And what shall they do with the 4-month old Keti? It is impossible to explain her that baby food got more expensive and kind ladies at a drug store do not give them free of charge just because her mother has 7 children...

Hunger would not be that horrible if the people had some human living conditions! But they have no conveniences at all! Concrete floor, crumbling plaster, broken windows, leaking floors and rotten with constant dampness furniture… Sewerage does not function and the piping is often broken, so the guck flows into their home… They do not have any financial possibility to fix them, and it is impossible to handle the "force of nature" all by themselves.

Despite all their problems the children are very kind and cute. They are dreaming of only one thing: to have food at home, so that their mother does not cry because she cannot feed them… To have light at home, and not to have this smell in the room… And to eat ice-cream in summer at least once…

 The Chernovetskyi Fund cannot remain idle watching the unbearable misery of these children, so we initiate a fund-raising action for this large family.

Only by joint efforts we will soothe the inhuman suffering of this poor family and save the entirely blameless kids of starvation, coldness, humiliations and misery!

If you have a possibility to provide them material assistance, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Torua Family) or pay directly from web-site

And if you cannot help, then share this story so that it finds its addressee!

Little hearts of these seven kids are beating waiting for a miracle and hope for assistance from other people!

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