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Nazi Aptsiauri

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August 8, 2018
He has a number of illnesses which make her unbearable life shorter.
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Nazi Aptsiauri is a lonely old lady. It happened so that all her closest people died. So she has to pass her old days in total loneliness and endless grief. The thing is that over the last years Nazi lost her two sons because of an illness, one after another. 

The old lady is living in a tiny room without any conveniences, appliances or simplest furniture. She even does not have a simple washing machine, so she has to wash everything by hands in the cold water! The tiny social allowance and pension are spent on medicines and bread, so she is unable to pay for utilities. It happens that she even does not turn on the light because she has no money to pay for electricity. 

He has a number of illnesses which make her unbearable life shorter. She is a disabled person of group II; she has an ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, cholecystitis and coxarthrosis, an illness ruining her hip joint… 

Nazi Aptsiauri worked as a sewer for many years; she made many good deeds; she gave joy and aesthetic enjoyment to other people. But the old years turned out to be very sad. 

Dear friends, this kind woman needs your help, attention and compassion. She has no one to give her a hug and pet her gray hair, listen her and talk to her. Let us charm away her sorrow; let us give her joy, so that she feels that there are still people who love her!