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We need to save the savior!

In course of an accident his spinal cord was damaged, and his neck vertebrae were fractured. A month at the hospital depressed him even more.
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Manuchar Melikidze became a disabled person of group I being only 37 years old. Evil fate gave no quarter to the young man who lost the most important thing in life - his health - in a blink of an eye! Today this formerly healthy and energetic man is unable to move, wheelchair-bound and almost totally paralyzed. He even cannot move his fingers as they are atrophied… 

On 1st October 2012, Manuchar, being the chief of shift of fire and rescue service of Aspindzskiy Region, and his team were called out to support the firefighting operation in a large forest. Firefighters of the whole region fulfilled their duty and eliminated the fire areas. At 1 AM, on his way back his car got in an accident: it crashed against a stone balustrade. The driver failed to control the car and… and irreparable tragedy occurred. 

"The collision was so strong that I hit the roof with my head; I felt horrible pain and bone crackling; then I fainted and in some time recovered consciousness still not knowing what was going on. I fainted several times over a short period of time… Finally they brought be to Tbilisi and operated. They saved my life, but this evil event ruined my future", - says Manuchar Melikidze. 

In course of the accident his spinal cord was damaged, and his neck vertebrae were fractured. A month at the hospital depressed him even more as he spent it in bed without moving and bloody bed sores appeared on his body. 

One's heart bleeds when looking at this young handsome man. His future is unsure. What shall he do with his two little children? Where will his family find food and money for treatment? Yes, the situation in his family is sad and his mental condition is critical! 

"My husband's fingers are atrophied; he even cannot control his wheelchair. He is very concerned that he became helpless and cannot support his family, he is always depressed… I try to comfort him, but to tell the truth his condition might improve only after a surgery which costs a fortune, and we cannot afford it.", -  says the Maka Kapanadze, Manuchar's wife. 

11-year old Vakhtang and 9-year old Ani live in the village of Toloshi with their parents. They are poor as actually all their income is the tiny pension of their father. They do not receive any social allowance and therefore they are in extreme need. 

Now it is of high importance for this family to receive any humanitarian aid. Dear friends, let us support them as much as we can. Even the smallest amount can open the door to future for Manuchar. We shall not allow this young man to lose his hope! We can and we must help him! 

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