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I do not want my children to grow up in poverty!

There are not enough beds at all, so the kids have to sleep on the boards laid on the bricks!
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Project completed!

Tamara Okuradze, mother of five wonderful kids addressed our Charitable Fund for help.

9 years ago she created a family and lived in the village. But their family grew, and it got harder to live in a village house with all the relatives: money hardly sufficed for simple products. To earn their living the parents decided to move to the city.

Now the Okuradze live in the city of Ozurgeti in the unfinished house of their parents. But looking at their dwelling it is hard to tell that they do "live"! The house is absolutely unfit for living of people! The roof has holes in it and when it rains the ceiling leaks. On such days the house is crammed with basins and buckets. It is almost impossible to heat this house in winter: walls have enormous gaps and wind is blowing in the rooms. The floor is just another great problem! There is no floor! 7 people find shelter in a single room with windows!

There are not enough beds for everybody, so the kids have to sleep on wooden planks placed over bricks!

These are the horrible conditions in which live the five children – the rising generation of our country, the future of the Georgian nation!

All children are well-bred, pretty, smart and caring. Their only dream is to eat to their heart's content! 

Elguja is 8, Mata is 7, Anastasia got 4 years old recently. Mariam is 3. And little Lili is only 10 months old!

The daily food for the children is macaroni, and sometimes potatoes. They have no meat and no dairy products for months. And they have never even tried sweets or cookies!

They all dream to get out of this horrible poverty and unrelieved gloom! It is necessary to help them already now!

The Okuradze acutely need food and medicines for children, clothes, shoes, school accessories and normal beds for kids instead of the cold and rough planks on bricks! 

We urge all sympathetic people to lend a helping hand to this large family in the most complicated period in their life!

If you have a possibility to provide material assistance to these poor people, you can deposit money to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Okuradze family) or pay directly from our website 

Please do not stay idle; make good for these wonderful kids and it will definitely return to you and your children!