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Children living with rats

A refugee from Abkhazia, single mother Viola Kirtskhalia brings up three children, who have to live in terrible poverty. Children are starving, friends !!!
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Project completed!
31-year-old Viola is in despair and asks for help! “I live in a rented apartment, for which I pay 200 lari a month. Social benefits almost go to pay for housing, although it is difficult to call it housing. There are terrible conditions: the walls are covered with mold, and huge rats come out of the sewers. A small child who cannot walk yet crawls on the floor from which I wash off the rat's excrement every day, you cannot explain to him that you should wash your hands and not put them in your mouth ... It’s scary to walk around the house - a rat suddenly jumps out and bites the baby’s leg! Sleep is scary. Sometimes at night I wake up from the fact that the rat walks along. They spread every contagion, so I fear for the health of children, ”says Viola.
Anastasia, the oldest girl, 9 years old. Ilya is 7, and little Eve is only 1.5 years old. Children are constantly sick, because the house is very cold, and the damned rats carry every infection. The mother has no opportunity to heat the room, and funds for elementary medicines are also sorely lacking. “I have to wash them in cold water with my hands, from which I developed rheumatic pains ... It’s very hard for us, I don’t know how to overcome all this poverty ?! I hope for sympathy and the help of kind people ... ”, says 31-year-old Viola Kirtskhalia.
Friends, let us jointly give support to this dreadfully needy family and make happy a few Georgian children. After all, they, like our children, do not deserve such terrible suffering. What you need first:
Gas boiler, Food, clothes, toys for toddlers, baby stroller, inexpensive toilet bowl (the old one is broken and leaking), refrigerator, TV, kitchen taps, basic utensils and beds, otherwise everyone sleeps in one. Of course, still very, very much what ...
Of course, the foundation will not leave the family in trouble, but do not forget, friends, that we have set ourselves the main task - to cover the whole of Georgia and help not only the poor, but also to open for God the soul of those Georgians who are more successful in this life and have at least some opportunity to help your neighbor !!!
God pities those who are merciful towards others, those who create mercies in His name!
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