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It is difficult for me to straighten my fingers...

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January 30, 2019
Hands bound with cold, Maya Marshania prepares breakfast for her three girls.
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With her hands stiff with cold Maya Marshania is preparing breakfast for her three girls. Three pairs of eyes filled with sadness are watching their mother, hoping that today they will have at least something else than bread with sweet tea. Such was the picture we saw when we came to meet the beneficiary of our Fund. 

Recently Maya's husband has treacherously abandoned this beautiful and kind mother and woman, but she refuses to talk about it to her children: let them think – she whispered to us – that he went abroad to work... It is so important for the little ones to know that they have a father, just like other children! 

In recent months, the family has been living in a rented apartment. Maya Marshania has no money to buy food or clothes. Her husband has betrayed the children, and she has lost her job because the girls need a mother at home all the time. How could they, so little, stay at home without her? No, no, Maya will never leave them!!!

We asked Maya a question: 

- How do you cope with the problems all alone?

- I had to give up my job; I couldn't leave minor children unattended. And now, without any work, there is no way for us to survive. I have lost my only source of income. Yes, we have a roof over our heads, but look at the conditions here. We have nothing to heat the apartment, and due to this the children often get cold, and we have no money for medicines.

It is very difficult for the family. The elder daughter, Lizzie, goes to school, and she has to do her homework staying wrapped in a blanket. It is hard to write due to the cold; fingers are freezing. The girls do not have any suitable winter clothes either. The children grow up quickly, but their mother cannot afford buying something new. 

- Maya, what kind of help would you like? What do you need first?

- We need clothes. The younger girls wear dresses after the elder sister, and for Lizzie, I'm trying to sew something out of my meager wardrobe. It is very difficult to cope without a heater and a washing machine. I wash everything with my hands in icy water. Because of this, look, my hands are all rough and my joints are aching with cold. 

The family needs literally everything: clothes, warm blankets, household appliances and food. And yet, despite all the hardships of life, the main thing that Maya cares about is the happiness of her daughters. 

 - I couldn't tell the kids about their father's betrayal. The girls are sure that dad has gone abroad to work and that he is missing his daughters. Every night before going to sleep, I make up messages from their dad, and the girls fall asleep with a smile on their faces. 

We asked the sisters what they were dreaming about. The girls with directness specific for their age listed their deepest desires. 

Little Nini wanted some candies! She is too young to wish something more! 

- I want candies too, but rather chocolate candies. I am dream about them, – said Tamari!

- Most of all I would like to have a tablet, and a smartphone as well, – nine-year-old Lizzie entered the talk, – I like playing computer games. 

But most of all the girls were dreaming about their dad! – Our daddy!"– girls often repeat. After all, their mother always says that he loves them more than anyone else in the world and that he will return very soon: and will hug and kiss them! And at the same time he will bring a lot of different presents!

Dear friends, it is in our power to give joy to these children! 

May the Lord reward you for your good deeds! 

If we do not help them now they will lose their hope! We cannot let it happen. These are our children, our future! So let us take their pain close to our heart and help them find a way out of this horrible situation! You can visit them, say a couple of words of compassion, help them materially or tell your friends and relatives about their misery!

You can transfer money to help the Marshania to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: the Marshania family) or through our website.

You can as well transfer money through NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

Love is a gift of God. It is not within our power. We can just have an intention to love, but God helps us to do this.

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