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February 11, 2019
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A large family is suffering in the old wreck of a house which is about to fall apart: a young mother and six of her babies.
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We do not give up, but we have no strength left to keep on fighting!

Thanks to our work we have seen many things, but this...! Real horror! 

There is only a stove in the room, and they sleep, eat and make their homework there. 

There are huge rats everywhere in this building! In order to protect, Lala puts up rat traps and constantly watches her favorite kids not to get into those traps! They also have got themselves a cat: "It gives warmth and protects us," – the children say.

The family of Tsindeliani is so poor that children do not have enough clothes, shoes and school supplies! And if good people don't bring the necessary materials, the kids miss school!

Telling about their troubles, our beneficiaries open their souls to us, outlining the most intimate things about themselves. We sometimes have to ask people about something very personal, very painful, to understand what kind of help they need. And these people entrust us with their fears and experiences, hoping for help and simple sympathy.

It is difficult to restrain emotions at the sight of a mother trying to maintain a good mood, so that her children do not lose heart! "Everything will be fine, God is with us, I have you and that's enough for me," says the mother to the children with tears in her eyes. - "We do not give up, but there is no strength left to fight!"

- How do you live here, Lala, it's just dangerous in here? 

- Every evening we move the beds together and fall asleep all together, hugging tightly to warm each other. The house has a wood stove, but most often they lack firewood. We can't afford to buy firewood. 

- Lala, what about you? Having shared a couple of words with you one could easily see that you didn't live in such a way for your entire life!

- I'm a refugee from Abkhazia. I'm an accountant by profession; I had always been working and even could help others... But you know, nothing lasts forever in this world... I hardly managed to escape alive from my first husband. He beat me; I even lost my hearing in one ear. 

The second was a wonderful man, he loved me and my children, it was so good to be with him…

But two years ago, he went missing, the police were looking for him, and even the Interpol did... but they never found him. For me and for the children he is still alive and we are waiting for him.

- Lala, tell me please, have you appealed to the state bodies, to the Deputy for whom you voted? Have you asked for help?

- Nobody pays attention to us! I asked to put glass into the window! My children are freezing! I applied for one-time help to get firewood and food. Useless! After our rescue from Abkhazia, we were registered at the municipality of Dmanisi. But the owners of the house where we were registered, died, and I cannot terminate my registration there. The Tbilisi authorities refuse to help us because of the Dmanisi registration. This bureaucracy will ruin us…

I can't even get permission for the kids and myself to visit the so-called free public canteens. Even the simple bread and soup given at those canteens could be our salvation!

Five out of six children are going to school, and Lala bitterly told us that they often have to miss classes. There is no hot water at home, there is often nothing to warm it, because of this, and children rarely have the opportunity to bathe. And Lala cannot permit the children to go to school all dirty.

- I was a good pupil and student; there was a time when I read a lot, so I have very good knowledge. Therefore, it is not difficult for me to teach the children at home. 

- Lala, what do your children need most of all?

- Children grow out of clothes very quickly, everyone needs clothes. And shoes are just another problem. We have almost no furniture; we need beds as the children are sleeping on the floor. We often have to starve. But even when we have food, it often happens that I have nothing to cook them with as there is no money to buy firewood. We need an electric stove to not depend on wood, and we really need a refrigerator. If one cooks something, without a fridge it will quickly get spoilt, especially in summer! 

Despite all their problems the children are very kind and well-developed. The older ones, once their father disappeared, started helping their mother around the house and taking care of their younger brothers and sisters. 9-year-old twins Ketevan and Mariam really want to become translators and translate Georgian folk tales into foreign languages, because they usually do everything together. Younger 7-year-old Bejan and 8-year-old Anano dream of toys and sweets. 

Little Tamara is only two years old; she is least aware of the deplorable condition of the family as the elders do not let her feel it!

- Children, what are you dreaming of? 

Ketevan: We don't need anything, but Tamara needs diapers. In such cold, if the baby gets wet, she can get cold and sick. She also needs good food. Look how skinny she is!

Lala: See how kind they are, that's what I thank God for. – Lala said. – I love my children very much, and I want them to be happy. I want them to live in a society in which the words "mercy", "kindness" and "sympathy" always came first.

In order to survive, the family of Tsindeliani is in extreme need for food and children's medicines, hygiene products, school supplies, children's clothing and shoes! 

Only by joint efforts we will soothe the inhuman suffering of this poor family and save the entirely blameless kids of starvation, coldness, humiliations and misery! 

You can transfer financial assistance to the family of Tsindeliani on account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: the Tsindeliani family) or through our website.

You can as well transfer money through NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link https://goo.gl/GY2Gus).

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