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Children doomed to death ...

Today, they are in dire need of food, hygiene supplies, medicines, children's clothing, basic household items.
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What cute and charming twins: just heavenly angels: Polinka and Helen !!! With God's help, the mother still has milk, which means the children do not go hungry ... However, what will happen in a couple of months when she has nothing to eat?
    Terrifying poverty enveloped this unfortunate family in which four young children. Here the level of poverty exceeds the limit: the dwelling is so dilapidated that the time when it collapses is probably not far away; iron beds are decrepit and about to collapse; The twins sleep in a makeshift box; children eat practically nothing; water, toilet, gas - no; There is no school or grocery store in the village, not to mention an ambulatory. Really in our time there are still such seedy places where life turns into punishment? Unfortunately yes!
At 26 km from the town of Sagarejo, there is the abandoned village of Sataple, where about 50 people live. Here life has stopped, here people exist in terrible despair and do not know how to get out of this hole, in the truest sense of the word. We asked Xenia a few questions to find out how she managed to create a family in this forgotten village of God and is there even the slightest prospect of survival?
- Ksenia, how did you find yourself in this village?
- it was almost 10 years ago. A young guy came to Sagarejo, where I lived with my family ... and we fell in love. We were then twenty years old. You know, when her majesty's love enters into the business, his eyes become cloudy, and you don’t think about anything. That went to him, and began to live. My husband Igor is an orphan, he has no relatives and friends, he has never studied anywhere, he does not even have an identity card.
- What does he do?
- he is a shepherd, has a seasonal job and earns pennies. It is even ridiculous to name the amount of his earnings, although it is very painful for him. He works for one farmer, then for another ... And we live in this abandoned barn ...
- Where are your eldest daughters?
- Victoria is 5 years old, and Snezhane is 8. They live with my mom in Sagarejo. Come to us only on weekends. So what to do? Schools and kindergarten are not here, no living conditions, no, do they not starve them?
- Does your mother help you?
- I am very shy, never asked for help
- Ksenia, you and your husband are adults. You do not understand that it is you who are first and foremost responsible to your children, but can children starve to death?
- Ksenia (crying): I know that tears will not help, you need to act. Thank you so much to your Foundation for finding us.
- Tell us how you deal with twins in these nightmarish conditions?
- Very hard. When the children are sleeping, I will go for water, I will tidy up the room, I will wash the dishes ... and when the twins wake up, then all the attention is on them. It is now they are so calm, but very often they cry and I can’t stop .... probably the tummies hurt, and where to get the medicine? What money?
- A normal house and food, furniture and dishes ... - these are all dreams of a material, domestic nature. But what is in your heart? What does your soul dream about?
- despite all the hardships, our union with Igor proved to be strong. We still sincerely love each other and this love supports us. I dream to live in love until the end of my days and ask the Lord to give strength to overcome all adversities. When my husband goes to the pasture for a whole month, I get very scared. At night, after putting the children to bed, I light a candle and heartily pray to God: “Lord, have mercy on us sinners!”.
Friends, to be honest, the history of this family is so confusing and incomprehensible that it is unlikely to be clarified in the near future. And the point here is not that someone deliberately impedes a favorable outcome of events, not at all, but in the complete incapacity of adults to independently solve their own problems. That's why they need urgent help, because as always happens in such tricky situations, children suffer the most.
Totally innocent creatures, little angels in danger! Now is the moment when, by joint efforts, we can wrest this family out of poverty, direct their lives in a positive direction, thereby doing God-pleasing work!
Today, they are in dire need of food, hygiene supplies, medicines, children's clothing, basic household items.
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God pities those who are merciful towards others, those who create mercies in His name!