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Abusive old man on the verge of survival

Anzor Kikvadze is 68 years old. Agree, it is not so important that a person could not be at least someone insignificant to take care of himself!
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Anzor Kikvadze is 68 years old. Agree, it is not so important that a person could not be at least someone insignificant to take care of himself! A judge in his old age prepared him a terrible ordeal.
The stroke, which was transferred several years ago, turned Anzor Kikvadze’s life into a real torment. One hand is paralyzed, all in the same spirit, in the same participation. Severe pain in the joints does not give the old man peace, and the heart is literally torn from sadness and hot. This elderly person cannot cook, clean, chop firewood, go to the store by himself. He sat in his room and waited for someone to drop in and bring him a bowl of soup, a slice of bread and water.
Anzor Kikvadze, until recently, received social benefits. It was state aid. The Social Service Agency stated that its “ill-fated” light bulb at a “huge” amount - 40 lari, which means “there is money and the allowance is not allowed”. This is chaos and cynicism of the highest category! Unscrupulous agents of the Social Service Agency simply mock people, forgetting about conscience and humanity. Should a man be in his comedy and live out his days ?! Maybe these atheists are trying to achieve this? How else to explain their blatant act? God sees everything! He must be in perfect order, since the bloodletting will be tough and heartless.
We contacted Nika Tevdoradze, the head of the administration of the village Partkhanakebi, where our beneficiary lived, who was in the know and he himself was puzzled about the suspension of social assistance for Anzor Kikvadze. According to him, he must be kind to restore justice!
We talked with Anzor Kikvadze about his everyday life, problems and ... a dream!
-How do you survive alone? Who helps you?
Anzor Kikvadze: survived with God's help and thanks to my neighbors. They at least want me to have people who have nothing, but I do not disregard ... Thank you, Lord, for that!
-Why did it happen that you spend your old age alone?
Anzor Kikvadze: my profession is a handyman. For many years working in the city of Tskhaltubo in a concrete plant. By the way, I had health problems back then. I did not pay attention to it. Death to sister, then brother. Left without their own family.
- So everything was sad in your life?
Anzor Kikvadze: No, of course. There were also joyful moments. This house, which has already practically collapsed, once “boiled” by the guests. We set the table, cooked kebabs, sang songs ... What kind of fruit did we have ?! Most often, relatives and children come from the city, having fun and enjoying life. It was all over, and a series of misfortunes began ...
-What do you spend retirement?
Anzor Kikvadze: $ 40-50 for electricity, and the remaining $ 150 for medicines and bread. It is very hard for me. Meat I do not remember when I ate the last time ...
-Do you pay attention to local authorities?
Anzor Kikvadze: yes. Our "gamgebeli" (approx. Head of the village administration) Nika, a young man, visits me, helps with what he can. Now he is trying to restore my social benefits. And you write about it, too, yes?
- Be sure to write about the irresponsible attitude to the Agency of social services. We read more than half a million subscribers, and if you ask for help from the deputies.
Anzor Kikvadze: May God grant prosperity to your Foundation, and its founder - 100 years of life and great success. Last year, you helped two old men in our village.
-What are you doing at home? Just sit near the stove and whiled away the days alone?
Anzor Kikvadze: what to do? I can not walk, I do not have a TV, I sit near the stove and read.
- If it's not a secret, what book are you reading now?
Anzor Kikvadze: "The Life of Orthodox Saints." Great book. So much wisdom and reverence in her ?! Sometimes I read, and tears appear in my eyes ...
- These are tears of hope?
Anzor Kikvadze: Yes, that is so accurate. I'm not going to die yet. I believe that good people with the help of your Foundation will help me. I believe that good always triumphs, and miracles happen precisely in reality! I also hope to see a prosperous Georgia, where there will be no poor and poor, hungry and homeless people ... This is my dream!
       Friends, help this lovely old man, from whom so much warmth and sincerity emanates! Do not leave him alone and silent! He needs food, medicine, clothes, a refrigerator, a TV, bedding. And most of all he needs human warmth, attention and communication!
You can transfer funds to help Anzoru Kikwazen our account. GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (appointment: Anzor Kikvadze). Well, we will certainly help and report back to you for every tetri spent. You can also transfer money from our site.
You can transfer money from the terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In the "charity" section, find our foundation.
It is important to see Christ in the near, and if we do not see those who need our help, we do not see God!


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