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Deadly loneliness

When she struggles to sleep, she asks the Lord not to wake up the next morning ?! That's what brought the poor woman to human indifference and callousness!
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           The life of this old woman turned into a complete nightmare! God forbid someone to experience the burden of the soul, which is 76-year-old Mananna Hakki. She is absolutely lonely, barely drags her legs, suffers from arthrosis, who is all crouched, does not see with one eye, and only by 60% with the other.
                  Nearby there is no one who could give her a glass of water, clean the apartment, cook food, or simply talk like a human being. This elderly woman is captured by loneliness and poverty, and from such a life in her heart she has only sadness and deep disappointment.
     And where are the local authorities or Mr. Deputy, who they voted for? Really for 4 years being in power, it was impossible to render this lovely woman at least some help, to encourage and ease the hardest life!
  Friends, while the authorities are silent and inactive, our human duty is to help her, because only by joint efforts we will be able to wrest it from poverty and despair!
     When we came to visit Manana, we had to wait 20 minutes. So much time she needs to crawl to the door and open it. At the same time, note that she lives in a one-room tiny apartment. The old woman's eyes shone with joy. She cordially led us into the room, sat down and told us about her problems and experiences:
       - How do you deal with problems?
Manana: It is very painful for me to realize that I am absolutely lonely person. I feel isolated, unnecessary, and from this I feel unhappy. Cope? Oh, what are you, can it be called life? I can not cope. It is very hard for me to walk and do something. I want to die, to get rid of a terrible senile fate, from pain and weakness, from disorder and anguish.
     - What do you live on?
Manana: pension and social benefit 60 GEL. I also receive 25 GEL monthly from the Society of the Blind. All the money goes to drugs. Especially expensive are eye medications. About 200 GEL is needed per month. When my tiny money runs out, I sit without medicine and suffer ...
- And who helps you?
Manana: your foundation helps. Your nurse comes in, makes injections, cleans up. Thank you so much! But she will not sit with me all day. I know that you have hundreds of such lonely old people registered! City Hall pays for the cost of this rental apartment. Sometimes from the society of the blind will call and be invited to some kind of event. This is also an attention and pleasure, but how will I go? I practically can't walk.
- To the deputy of your constituency asked for help?
Manana: I even met him during the election campaign. When a few years ago Beka Odishariya came to us for a meeting, he promised mountains of gold. He talked and looked at me all the time. Then everyone said: “Everything, Manana, he will solve your problems ...”.
 - Not decided?
Manana: To be honest, I didn’t address him with a specific request.
“But we wrote him a letter asking for help.” Also wrote a letter to the mayor of the city. We will see how they will react, and if they do not help, we will write about it. We have about half a million readers. And let them be ashamed of not helping their voters, especially the sick and lonely elderly people. After all, helping the people is the holy duty of every deputy!
Manana: thanks for the advice. I'll do it.
- How did you find yourself in a rented apartment?
Manana: my grandfather was a journalist, actor, director. Hakki is a pseudonym, but then he entrenched with us as a surname. Grandfather was shot in 1937. But the apartment in the center of Tbilisi remained. Parents were ill for a very long time, I took care of them, I had to sell the apartment for pennies and with the money to treat old people and eat. Since then, I wander through rented apartments ... At one time I was even completely blind. I did not see anything, but a miracle happened, and after treatment I began to see a little with one eye. Thanks to the Almighty!
-Who are you by profession and where did you work?
Manana: I'm an engineer. All my life I worked in the Institute of Industrial Construction. My friends are still alive, but they are also “decrepit” like me. Of course, they are not able to visit him, but they call on holidays. And that bread! Thank you, Lord, that at least someone remembers me!
     -What do you dream?
Manana: I dream that people in my city would not suffer and live happily, help each other and appreciate good!
      Friends, as practice shows, to raise funds for medicines and treatment of the elderly is extremely difficult. Nevertheless, for 7 years of work, our foundation has been able to provide “targeted assistance” to hundreds of pensioners. And it became possible thanks to caring people who more than once responded to our request for help!
Any, even the smallest amount you can donate, will alleviate the suffering of this elderly woman. She needs medicines, hygiene items, food and ... human attention.
Those who are willing to
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      Do not forget to do charity, and God's mercy will overshadow you!