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25 years of life in unbearable conditions! In fact, this is a mockery of people who have to survive in a disastrously difficult social environment.
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25 years of life in unbearable conditions! In fact, this is a mockery of people who have to survive in a disastrously difficult social environment.  
Recently we were in Zugdidi and visited a compact settlement of refugees from Abkhazia on the territory of the former Vektor plant. 
What we saw exceeded the worst expectations! 

45 families of refugees, whom the state settled in several dilapidated buildings in the early 1990s, are living in a miserable conditions. They are driven to despair and cry for help!  
When the residents saw the representatives of our Fund, they surrounded us, told us about their numerous problems and helped to look around the territory of the settlement.  
As it turned out, the building is in emergency state: the walls, floor and roof have been dilapidated for a long time; there are no bathrooms in the premises; toilet cubicles are installed in the yard; sewage is clogged and (especially in hot weather) the smell in the territory is unbearable; unsanitary conditions are everywhere, which contributes to the reproduction of reptiles; moving inside is even dangerous; scorpions can be found; the walls are covered with mold, the building is not gasified. 

We talked to the refugees, who shared their urgent problems with us: 
L.N.: I've lived here with my family for 25 years. We lived in the Gali district of Abkhazia, and when the ethnic cleansing of Georgians began, we left our native land. We settled in Zugdidi. After all, it is not far from Abkhazia. During the first years we suffered from terrible insecurity, but hoped that our return will happen soon. However, this did not happen, and our life turned into torture. 

I.A.: People live here at the expense of refugee allowance in the amount of 45 lari. This is the only permanent "income". Only very few people manage to get seasonal work, because there is a terrible unemployment; a few years ago it was possible to earn at least a little on private walnut plantations, but after the invasion of marble bugs and the destruction of the crop, this possibility also disappeared. 

K.N.: My husband is unemployed, we raise three young children. We used to receive social allowance which was enough for bread, but a few months ago the Social Service Agency suspended the issuance of cash allowance. They said that our electricity bill amounted at 45 lari, which wass allegedly the reason for the suspension of monetary assistance;

M.Sh.:  More than once we appealed for help to the local authorities, but there was no effective reaction, only some empty promises; Why do they not pay attention to us, we are also people! 

A.S.:  The new mayor, during the election campaign, visited our settlement and promised to help. However, many refugees no longer believe in such promises. In particular, I asked for the repair of the sewage system; it does not work and there is a terrible smell of sewage in the yard, I cannot open the windows;

Friends, as you can see, the situation in the "Vector" refugee settlement is horrifying. These poor living conditions leave the people in despair. It is especially difficult for the frail elderly and large families, who are the most vulnerable. Children who live in such terrible poverty have no future, and old people are doomed to an early death. These people need to be rescued urgently! They need to be given water and gas, they need an operable sewer system and at least basic living conditions!
What do the local authorities do? What does the mayor of Zugdidi? And why can't I hear the voice of the majority Deputy for the Zugdidi constituency? Apparently, they are not up to this... They remember these people only during the election campaign. Their empty promises have no end. Thus, our fellow citizens who have once been victims of ethnic cleansing by the separatists are now victims of criminal indifference on the part of their own government. 
Take to heart the pain of these poor families, visit them at their place and you will be horrified by the seen poverty. This is their address: Zugdidi, "Vector" settlement of the former plant.
If you are busy and cannot visit them, you have the opportunity to transfer funds for assistance to the account of our Fund: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: assistance to refugees). You can also transfer money from our website.
Make good deeds and live in love!


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