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“Is that really life? This is hell! ”

In 2003, she simply collapsed to the floor and could not stand up on her own. The woman's legs were taken away.
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16 years bedridden! It's hard to even imagine, and the seriously ill 78-year-old Nino Targamadze lives in this nightmare every day. In 2003, she simply collapsed to the floor and could not stand up on her own. The woman's legs were taken away.
   Moreover, over time, Nino Targamadze paralyzed the right side of the body. Imagine, she cannot afford to eat, wash, get dressed on her own ... The cause of this is diabetes and heart problems.
“All the troubles began with the death of my husband, I lost him, lost support, lost hope ... He took with him half of my soul, my life. But we had a daughter and I had no right to lose heart. At first, I took care of her, and now, for 16 years now she has been caring for me. Poor thing, she graduated from a pedagogical institute, but got caught up with our problems and was unable to work by profession, ”the unfortunate woman recalls, wiping her tears. She calls her life hell. He says she couldn’t even get to her sister’s funeral!
- You have lived a long life, what do you most want now?
Nino Targamadze: I can’t call my life unforgettable, but when I had a full-fledged family, then I was happy. Now I’m lying on this bed, which I can’t stand anymore! I want to go to my village, sit in the yard, listen to the birds and admire the scenery. At least once, with one eye to see what is happening there. My sister died, but I couldn’t even go ... is this really life? This is hell!
   -What is your condition today? What is your main concern?
Nino Targamadze: Oh, baby, I'm so nervous about Natia ... I can’t even eat on my own, the right side completely stopped. My daughter feeds, washes, dresses me. And goes to work. She works as a courier, she is paid very little. Yes, I am very ill, but my time has already passed and I want my baby to live well, and she, taking care of me, and working, will drive herself into the grave (note. Crying).
Nino Targamadze with her daughter barely make ends meet. They completely forgot the taste of meat. Ashamed, they admit that they cannot even buy the necessary hygiene products.
- What is your income, enough for you to live?
Nino Targamadze: I have a pension of 200 GEL, and my girl has less. I need a sea of ​​medicine! We don’t know how to distribute our income to utilities, food, and medicine. I am very ashamed to admit, (crying) but I need diapers ... oh how embarrassing ... do not write about it ...
- Do you have the status of a socially vulnerable family, you do not receive benefits? Does the state not help you?
Nino Targamadze: Where there is help. Yes, we have a status, we received benefits. But last year, social service agents came - these murderers, and our rating points were increased from 1000 to 150,000 points and removed to us the 120 lars we received. They said that my pension and the meager salary of my girl for living would be enough. Is it really a state, they themselves eat, drink, stuff money in their pocket, and the poor are taken from us the poor, thrown to the mercy of fate to die. So look at our living conditions, everything is old with us: the repair is old, the equipment is also old ... why they considered it correct to raise points, I don’t know. Life is becoming more expensive every year, but the poor and those who do not have benefits are removed.
- Did anyone from private individuals help you by learning about your serious condition?
Nina Targamadze: The only one who helps us is the Chernovetsky Foundation. Your employees come and bring me diapers, I can’t express the gratitude that I feel before you. A few years ago, a good man handed us a wheelchair, which I use at home. No one else helps and we, by order of the state, should be content with the income that we have. Although only my utility costs my pension. Sometimes there is not enough money for bread, but the taste of meat has long been forgotten ...
- Please tell us how you lived before the illness?
Nino Targamadze: I graduated from the Tbilisi Medical College and for 13 years worked in a neuropsychiatric hospital. She married an extraordinary guy named Bondo and we lived well, we had a lovely daughter. I could not think that old age would be so cruel. Probably, and now you do not think about your old age. But it will come, and God grant you that it will be much easier.
Friends, we all will sooner or later find out what old age is! Let’s not be indifferent to the grief of others. A poor pensioner asks us for help. She needs a lot, but most of all medicines and hygiene items.
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