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March 23, 2020
We have nothing of our own. We sold everything we could sell to cure Tornike. We have been treating him for sixteen years.
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For the healing of the soul and body!..

 Tornike's dream has come true, he has finally received the sacrament! 

 Have a look at the photos. Do you recognize the wonderful young Georgian we told you about recently? For 14 years, he has been bedridden, fighting with a terrible disease, muscular dystrophy... But! Look how Tornike smiles! This is the smile of a happy person whose dream came true! And this is our common achievement! On the day of the Bright Easter Holiday, we all gave him this miracle!

 Since Tornike fell from a wheelchair and broke his leg, he is unable to leave the house, and visiting the temple and communion have become his cherished dream. After all, it is absolutely necessary for him… Only Faith in the Lord keeps him alive.

 When the Foundation's employee David brought a priest to them, and he gave Tornike communion, the boy literally cried with happiness... – For the healing of the soul and body! For the glory of God! – His mother, Leila, repeated through her tears. 

 We have given great happiness to this family. And now, thanks to your kind hearts, a smile shines again on the face of seriously ill Tornike! 

 Then, the poor boy, with a terrible curvature of the spine, had to lie on a collapsed sofa propped up with bricks, on which it is unthinkable to sleep even for a completely healthy person! And now, Tornike has a beautiful, comfortable bed, with an orthopedic mattress. Both he and his mother are glad to have such a bed.

 – Leila, tell me, how has your life changed after we published an article about you?

 Leila: Everything has changed, and most importantly, my mood! You supported us not only financially, but also morally! Tornike dreamed of communion… You have fulfilled this dream! Communion at Easter! On such a Great Holiday! It literally brought my son back to life! What can compare to this joy?! It's hard for me to put these feelings into words… After all, we do not have a special stroller, so we do not leave the house and could only dream about it… 

 What could change? Everything has changed! Fear was gone and replaced by hope… When the only child in the family is ill, everything loses meaning and goes into the background. You have made our life more comfortable and, consequently, made it easier for me to take care of my son! You brought us the gas stove and blender that we needed so much… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! – Leila gasps with delight.

 Thanks to all of you, my boy is provided with medicines for three months, we were given so many products and hygiene items that I still haven't run out of them!

 Do you remember what my sick boy was lying on? It's hardly even a sofa… Now he is lying on a comfortable bed, with an orthopedic mattress, and is so grateful to all of you!

–Leila, what do you remember the most? Do you remember the names of the people who helped you?

Leila: As I told you, an employee of the Fund, David, brought a priest who gave communion to my son at Easter. This was the best gift and surprise for our family! When I posted a photo of Tornike's communion on my Facebook page, I simply lost count of calls from people who congratulated my boy and wished him "healing of body and soul".

But the surprises did not end there, after a while, the Lord sent us another good person, and grace descended on my son again! He was given communion twice without leaving the house! Is this not a miracle? I don't know what to say... Thank you very much for these moments of happiness!

Every single day, my son and I ask the Lord to return a hundredfold the happiness that you all gave us! I can't find the words to express my gratitude…

And the guys from the central branch of the Spar store came, brought a huge amount of products, and provided Tornike, who had been dreaming of yogurt the day before, with delicious food for a long time!

A man called and and transferred 20 lari to me. I will tell you honestly, in our situation, it is equal to 20 million! All the more so because all the inhabitants of our country have had such a hard time because of the pandemic…

 – Did the local authorities react to our post in any way? Did they ask about your condition or help you in any way?

Leila: A young man came to us, brought 100 lari in an envelope, said that it was from a Deputy who read my post. Unfortunately, I didn't remember his first or last name… Many thanks to him and a low bow!

 – Tell me about your emotions, Leila.

Leila: I really can't find the words to express my gratitude… You have fulfilled the dream of my sick son, and therefore my dream… 

 I have already told you that after a broken leg, severe surgery and anesthesia, Tornike is not himself… We can't use a normal stroller anymore, and I still haven't been able to figure out who to contact to get a new, specialized one… Despite his illness, Tornike has always been a very sociable boy, and now he became reserved and silent. He categorically refuses to make contact. I constantly explain to him that this is not possible, besides, after your article, we were just covered with a wave of love and care from complete strangers! 

 Now Tornike began to smile a little, often in a good mood, but still refuses to communicate, even on the phone… The help of the Foundation and the support of your friends means a lot to our family. I felt again that I am not alone in this struggle with the disease.

– What does this help and support mean to you personally?

Leila: I again believed that I was not alone, I believed in my own strength… It is thanks to the warmth and love that comes from all the employees and friends of your Fund! I really did not expect that so many people would feel our trouble, want to sympathize, and help my boy. It is so important when people share warm feelings and are ready to support each other!

 – Maybe you have any other problems that our readers can help you solve… 

Leila: I'm very embarrassed to ask for more, but after Tornike broke his leg, we can no longer use the old stroller and are locked up. The usual wheelchair provided by the Ministry of Health is no longer suitable for us. Before the unfortunate fall and fracture, my boy was very sociable! He needs a special wheelchair that completely fixes the spine. This will give me the opportunity to take my son out of the house, breathe fresh air, and even participate in various activities. Can someone help us solve this problem? I don't even know who to address.

 In addition, Tornike is allergic to dust… We put up an old carpet to make it warmer, I always clean everything with a wet rag, but it doesn't help… I would like to have a vacuum cleaner… Also, a microwave oven to heat up food quickly…

 I am so grateful to you and all our compatriots for all that you have done for us… Thank you for all the moments of happiness that you gave us! I know for sure that the Lord hears my prayers, and everyone will be rewarded for every grain of joy that you have brought to us!


And if you feel heavy at heart because of everyday problems, or unresolved issues, take a moment to look at our posts on FB. Better yet, dial the phone number of any of our beneficiaries. Call him and forget all your problems. Because they are "nothing" compared to those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of his life. 

Our problems are nothing compared to theirs! Here it is, a real grief! It is before your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, the problems of this and other families do not end, so from time to time view the stories of unhappy people on our site, talk to them. Every time you dial the phone of another unfortunate person, you will definitely feel God's blessing on the back side! It is for sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

 Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything!

Dear friends, thank you so much once again! 

Here is the account of our Fund: 



GE64BG0000000470458000. (Purpose: Tornike Kikabidze) 

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One call will save a life – 0901 200 270

Let's think that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to the Lord through the very sufferings that we experience for others!

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