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Daddy don't cry so loudly, I'm scared...!

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July 2, 2020
“My girl, I'll try not to ... Lord, so much pain! I beg you, give me a pain killer, I cannot stand this hellish pain, these hellish torments!” - 27-year-old Giorgi Chkhikvadze, a victim of a terrible car accident, has already undergone 3 operations, lost one leg and may lose the other.
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

“My girl, I'll try not to ... Lord, so much pain! I beg you, give me a pain killer, I cannot stand this hellish pain, these hellish torments!” - 27-year-old Giorgi Chkhikvadze, a victim of a terrible car accident, has already undergone 3 operations, lost one leg and may lose the other. 

“You know, my daddy used to hold me high, put me on his shoulders and spin! I loved it so much, we laughed, but now my daddy is just crying. Do you know where I can buy a leg for my daddy? I would give everything to him"- 5-year-old Nino brought her treasures - a red ribbon and a piece of colored glass, - "Mam, this is all I have. Do you know if this is enough?"  “He survived by a miracle, but how to live now? Everything we had was given to save his life and treat him, the children are starving, only to buy medications for their father ... We don't have a penny ... It is terrible! 

He used to be a most cheerful Georgian man. Now he just moans of pain into his pillow - he bites it so that the children would not be scared. Friends of the Fund, if you can help even a little, it will be a huge support for us”- the words of poor Natia are heartbreaking.

“Daddy, when are you going to get your leg sewn back?”  – This is how 6-year-old Anna comforts her beloved father… She really believes that one day her dad will have a new leg… Even if it wasn't his own, even if it wasn't real, but a one with which he could go to her school and listen to all the praises that the first teacher in her life would say about Anna… 

An accident on a wet highway destroyed the life of a young man who was full of life. In an accident that was not his fault, 27-year-old Georgiy Chkhikvadze lost his leg… And it is unknown whether he will keep the second one… 

Georgiy was in a hurry to leave Tbilisi before the start of the curfew imposed in connection with the pandemic. He was in a hurry to meet his wife and three little girls, who were waiting for him in the small village of Nakhshirgele, in the West of Georgia. 

The car driven by George's brother-in-law lost traction on the rain-slick road. The car hit against the curb by the passenger's side… The driver was not injured, but Georgiy… 

The doctors say: the body is young and strong, so he will cope! But Georgiy is no longer able to endure the hellish pain… And he can get back on his feet only in a dream… 

– In 2 months, Georgiy underwent three operations and amputation of his right leg.The most difficult thing is ahead – rehabilitation, – Georgiy's wife Natia tells us in a voice hoarse from sleepless nights. – Thanks to the help of relatives, we were able to pay for the first stage of treatment. We ran out of money, and I had to take my husband home from the hospital… He's in horrible pain... He can't go an hour without strong painkillers.  In the hospital, Gio held on, he was given morphine injections. And now he screams in pain all night long… Nothing helps… 

At what stage of treatment is your husband now, what do the doctors say? 

– The doctors are encouraging us… Gio managed to survive 3 operations and amputation, but he will need twice as much strength for further treatment. It is not yet known how the second leg will heal… It may also have to be amputated. This is what I fear most... Lord, have mercy on us all, help my beloved!..

If only he'd stayed in the hospital a little longer… But one day cost us more than 400 lari. In two weeks we have exhausted the entire insurance limit: 15,000 lari, and then we had to pay from our pocket... 

With God's help and thanks to good people, we were able to live up till today… Now we spend about 200 lari a day on medicines… What happens next?.. Only God knows… We don't have any money left… We spent all our savings and all the money collected by friends and relatives... One operation cost us 16,000 lari… And there were three of them! And only one was funded by the state. 

There are still hundreds of bandages, expensive medications, and possibly another amputation… We can't do it... We need help! 

Natia, tell us in order how everything happened and how did you find out about this terrible accident? 

 My brother was driving the car that fateful day. Thank God he was not injured, the blow fell on the passenger seat where Gio was sitting. God, thank you a thousand times that nothing happened to my brother! But Gio, my poor Gio… 

I learned about the accident when my brother called me. I stayed up all night, praying that Gio was alive, and I didn't need anything else

When I saw him in the hospital, I didn't recognize him! This was no longer my smiling, beloved Gio! Through the eyes of my husband, another man looked at me: exhausted, thin, without a leg… 

But most importantly – he was alive!!! I did not become a widow, and my girls did not become orphans. 

– What was the reaction of the children when they saw dad in this state? 

– Anna (6 years old) was very confused when she saw dad without a leg… 

Although they are small and do not understand many things, they pray with me every day for their father! And they keep asking, daddy, when are you going to get your leg sewn on? 

When the pain becomes unbearable, Gio is ready to give up, saying that he can suffer no longer. The girls run up to him, kiss him, and he immediately comes to life.

He remembers what we dreamed of: a comfortable home, a happy old age, and grandchildren to babysit together… And the desire to live returns to him. 

I'm terribly sorry, but please... Help me… The only thing that can bring my Gio back to me and to my girls is a prosthetic! The doctors said that after rehabilitation, it will be possible to make prosthetics and he will be able to walk again. 

– Do you believe that strangers can be good to you? 

– Of course I do, honey. Now I know that the kindest people live in Georgia… They are able to feel someone else's pain as their own… 

Would you like to meet the friends of the Fund? Many of them will want to support Georgiy! They will call and come to visit you…

– Of course! We will be so happy! And it will be useful for Gio to communicate with people… To realize that this world needs him. 

Can he tell us at least a few words?

– Gio is depressed. He doesn't like to remember what happened. But you can try. I'll take you to him.

Hello, Georgiy! I won't bore you with questions, but can you say at least a few words to those who will read your story? 

– What can I say? Life is interesting, isn't it? I am a driving instructor, and I am in this state because of an accident, even if it was not my fault… I don't want to talk about it...

I will say only one thing: value every day of your life, take care of yourself and remember: there is nothing more important than health… If you have hands and feet – you are already a happy person!

To be honest, I haven't thought about it before.

And now, being in this state, I dream that I am walking again… And I believe that these dreams will come true! I live to see this day! 

And I also need to keep track of my beauties, because soon the grooms will be running after them! 

– Indeed, they are so beautiful! You need to keep an eye on them! Can I talk to them? 

– They will be shy… But you try it! 

Girls, tell us what do you like to do? 

Anna (6 years old): I also lile to draw. I draw pictures for my father so that he will recover as soon as possible.

Nino (5 years old): I like to play! With my sisters! Especially with Mariam (1 year old), she is so small, look!

– Will you go to school soon? 

Anna (6 years old): In September. I am the biggest among the little sisters, so I will go to school first! I will study well! To make my dad proud! I want him to walk me to school!

I'm sure he's still proud of you now, honey! Have you already chosen your school supplies? 

Anna (6 years old): No, I'm waiting for dad to get better. I'll go with him to choose! 

Girls, who loves daddy more? 

Anna (6 years old): Me!

Nino (5 years old): No, I love him more! Come on, who hugs dad stronger, she loves him more!


Friends, these lovely people are in trouble and need our support. Natia tearfully begs everyone not to remain indifferent. Someone else's grief does not exist! God gave Georgiy a chance to live! And Georgiy really wants to regain his feet! Let's help him financially to realize his dream. We can do that!

Call him, cheer him up and give him hope for tomorrow. 

tel: 571 90 69 52.

Or visit the family at the address: Tbilisi, Mukhiani district, Lagurashvili st., bld. 176, apt. 17.

And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of Georgiy! It is very important.

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: 

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You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link

Together we have helped many miserable people! Let's support the Georgiy as well. And, who knows, maybe one day we will also need help from strangers!

One call will save a life – 0901 200 270

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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!
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