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“A year of nightmare and horror. I saved the life of little Soso, but now I am completely exhausted. Look into his eyes, and you will see the love of whole Georgia. Oh, and here is Gabriel (3-year- old), he helps a 75-year-old grandmother and grandfather.
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“A year of nightmare and horror. I saved the life of little Soso, but now I am completely exhausted. Look into his eyes, and you will see the love of whole Georgia. Oh, and here is Gabriel (3-year- old), he helps a 75-year-old grandmother and grandfather.

 We have no relatives, nowhere to expect help from. Only you, friends of the Fund, are our salvation.We are in a plight: my grandparents are helpless like children, my little sons are very young, and I am alone. I take any job to feed all five of them. We have to survive somehow. God, help us!”

Single mother Lali Gozalishvili gave birth to two wonderful Georgian boys, future warriors and defenders of our motherland. But she has been left totally alone not only with her children but also with her grandparents and a sick father. 

 “Dearest mothers and fathers, I beg you to help us with the kids and my old people. Our life depends on your kindness. I will always pray for each of you!”

23-year-old Lali Gozalishvili lost her husband, who forced her to get rid of the baby…

She gave Georgia two wonderful boys, the future defenders of our Motherland. But she was left all alone and not only with her children, but also with her sick father and elderly parents. 

Since the departure of her husband, who was "prevented from enjoying life" by the kids, every single mother's day is filled with heavy thoughts about the fate of her boys, Gabriel (3 years old) and Soso (1 year old). With the last of her strength, Lali is fighting for the future of her children and the decent old age of her ailing father Georgiy (50), grandfather Sergo (75) and grandmother Makvala (75). 

 Every morning, Lali faces a terrible dilemma: to feed the children or to buy medicine for the elderly? And how, in general, to live further? 

– Lali, I'll start with the hardest part… Why were you left alone with small children? 

Lali: I don't feel like talking about it... (crying).

– If you wish so, we won't… 

Lali: No, no. I will tell you, it just hurts me to talk about it… I got married at the age of nineteen. It was my first love. It was like a fairy tale, but then… When my husband found out about my pregnancy, he left me, then came back… But not for long… A year later, after the birth of my eldest son, Gabriel, I became pregnant again. Then he told me: "Choose, either you have an abortion or I leave." The rascal! 

I still tremble when I recall his words! After all, a child is a gift from God! And no one, no one has the right to encroach on the sacred gift of life! Soso's heart was already beating in me, and instead of words of love and gratitude for a new life, I heard "abortion"… 

And I made my decision! I knew what I was doing. I lost everything, I was in such a poor situation, but I never regretted that I saved my son's life

– Does your ex-husband help you in any way? 

Lali: No, he's absent in our life. The younger one, Soso, has never seen him and does not know his father at all... He's gone, gone forever. 

– Has your financial situation always been so difficult? 

Lali: Oh... no, not always! We used to live very well, I grew up in Vladikavkaz. My father earned quite well, and we never in need, and then… Then the war in Tskhinvali started, remember, in 2008? Our well-being collapsed overnight, we had to leave everything and run. Because of the stress, my father had a stroke... And then my failed "marriage" also came as a hard letdown... For my family it was another heavy blow! My father could not accept that I was in such a mess, and all this had a disastrous effect on his health… Now my father can't work at all… 

– At the moment, does your father need medication or medical assistance?

Lali: Thank God he didn't lose the ability to move. The only thing, the doctors forbid him to get nervous because then the blood pressure rises… We buy him medicines and maintain his condition. 

– What's your family's income? Where do you take money for living? 

Lali: We receive social benefits from the state in the amount of 220 lari for six people... Grandparents receive a pension in the amount of 620 lari. That's all our income… When I can, I work part-time as a cleaner, but I don't have anyone to leave my kids with. The grandmother is no longer able to watch after the children. 

– What do you normally eat? 

Lali: What can we eat? Macaroni and potatoes, the money does not suffice for anything else. I have to buy medicines for the adults and children, and I also need to pay for utilities... Most of the money is spent on it. And children need vitamins, but what can I do? 

– Is this your house? 

Lali: This is my brother's house, he sometimes comes and helps us with food. He has a family, children… And now, after this quarantine, he is in a difficult situation, so he can't help us… 

– What were you dreaming about when you got married? How did you imagine your life? 

Lali: Like everyone else... a life full of joy and love. I never wanted to be rich. I thought my husband and I would both work and provide a decent future for our children. 

 How could I have imagined that I would feed my children only with macaroni?! My childhood was completely different, we always had meat, fruit, vegetables, and sweets in our house. We had whatever we wanted. Why should my children be deprived of all this? (cries) 

– Lali, why did you decide to apply to our Fund? 

Lali: I was told that you really help people. Not like the others. To be honest, I don't trust anyone anymore… The Chernovetskyi Fund was my last hope... We have been told so many good things about you… 

 – What do you need first? 

 Lali: God, it's so awkward to ask… God knows I'm only asking you for the sake of my children. Food is vital to us. We don't have enough money for it! My grandparents give me their pension to buy food, depriving themselves of medicines! And the worst part is that I can't refuse, because then my children will starve… 

 I don't like to ask, and I don't think anyone is obliged to help me. Everybody is with their own problems. But for the sake of the children, I'm ready to fall on my knees… 

 I will share my dream with you! It may seem strange, but it would be nice to have a cow… We would have milk, and I could prepare porridge for the children, cheese, butter, and cottage cheese. Anything… I would make the most delicious cheese in the world and sell it! And with the earned money I would buy other products for the children. This is my biggest dream. And if it comes true, it will give me the opportunity not only to feed my children, but also to earn money. 

 Children should have their own home! While they are small and do not understand everything that is happening, there is time to implement it. And I'm ready to work hard for this

 And another of my dreams is a washing machine! After all, I do all the housework, and my grandmother is very weak and can't help me. We are 6 people, and the laundry is too much for me, it all has to be washed by hand, in the yard, and in winter and summer.

– Lali, we'll do our best! May I speak to your eldest son, Gabriel? 

– Tell me, Gabriel, what do you like to play? 

Gabriel (3 years old): Hide and seek! And games on the computer! It's so cool! 

– Don't you have a computer? 

Gabriel (3 years old): No. (growing sad) Mom promises and promises to buy one... maybe you want to buy it for me? I am a good boy, ask Mom, I obey her in everything… 

– You will definitely have a computer, I promise you! – What else would you like to receive as a gift? 

Gabriel (3 years old): A bi-i-ig hen. My mother would have made it delicious... I love meat! Ah! One more thing! I want a scooter. I want it so much. And when Soso grows older, I would teach him.

– What do you want to become? 

Gabriel (3 years old): I want to become the best doctor! Everyone will come to me, and say: Mr. Gabriel, my tummy hurts, and my head… And I will give everyone injections and measure their temperature. You know, I already have one patient – my grandfather. I treat him, bring him medicine and water. You'll see, everyone will know doctor Gabriel Gozalishvili! 

– Then I'll come to you for treatment, too, but only when I'm old, okay? 

Gabriel (3 years old): Remember, Dr. Gabriel, don't go to anyone else!

– Deal! Lali, you have nothing more to fear, you have the future of medicine growing here! 

Lali: Yes, he looks after everyone. He and Soso are the joy of my life. Even before they were born, I realized that I was a mother and simply had no right to be weak. I'm ready to give the last piece, so that the children do not starve. This is a different level of consciousness, you forget about yourself, there is no egoism in you anymore. You are a mother – and you must be strong. We, the women, cannot be broken, for the sake of our children, we will turn mountains. 

I don't give up and believe in the best. I know that everything will work out. Yes, my husband left me, but I'm not afraid of anything anymore… 

– What is your most cherished dream? 

Lali: The main thing is that my children are healthy. I want my children to become strong and independent! I want them to always be fed, dressed, shod… And that everything would have worked out well for them, not like for me.

– What do you see as salvation? 

Lali: Only the Lord can save us all! He is near – I know it. And He sent me to you for a reason. I have lost faith in people, but perhaps thanks to you I will find it again… 


Many people, like Lali, have lost faith in good people. But we know that there are actually a lot of good people! This family needs your urgent help. Everyone has turned away from them. Can we, people who believe in God and bring good, leave this young woman in trouble with her two little ones? She has already been abandoned once. Еhe man she loved left her, destroying all her dreams and hopes… But it's in our power to restore Lali's faith in people, isn't it?

Lali needs food; the children are often malnourished, and her father is unable to follow a diet. The family needs a washing machine, because a woman has to wash a huge amount of clothes by hand, because there are six people in the family!

Let us help Lali and her children. Call them, cheer them up and give them hope for tomorrow. Tel: 557 535 065

Or visit the family at the addressAkhalkalaki Village, Kaspi Region.

And be sure to repost our publication. Let all your friends know about the grief of the large family of Gozalishvili! It is very important.

God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a Charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: 

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Together we have helped many miserable people! Let us support Lali and her children too, as nobody is immune to an unhappy destiny! And, who knows, maybe one day we will also need help from strangers!

One call will save a life – 0901 200 270

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