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God is Great and I will be happy anyway!

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August 6, 2020
Her grandmother Lamara (89-year-old) and Mother Emma (58-year-old) take Lana, sick from birth, up to the second floor every day.
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I will drive wherever I want!

These are not words of a little child who got a bicycle, but of a disabled adult woman who, thanks to your help, seems to have been reborn.

Someone is happy to get a new dress for spring, someone is happy to spend time in a cafe with friends, and our heroine, 34-year-old Lana, can’t believe that her dream has finally came true - she has a new wheelchair now! “I’ll drive wherever I want,” - the girl jokes! She doesn't need much. Her mother and grandmother are no longer able to help her, yet she is so cheerful, so active!

“When the Chernovetskyi Fund appeared in my life, I felt like I was reborn!” - says Lana. They did not notice and hear me before, but everything has changed now!  They even offered me a job! Can you imagine that? It feels like a dream! How do you manage to do that? It’s incredible! I thank God every day that I found you, and you found me! Thank God for so many kind people in my life! You know, sometimes completely strangers become your family. Isn't that from God? Wasn’t it He who send all of you to me?"

The joy that reigned in Lana's family is impossible to describe in words. When you see her smile, you can feel the essence of the work of our Fund! This is not about helping people financially, which is undoubtedly very important - you simply become closer to the Lord through the smiles of these unfortunate and forgotten people! That's the point! That's the life! That's the whole idea of ​​our Fund's work! To become closer to God through helping those who suffer!

Now look at the photos, read the interview and feel how these words will fill you with life-giving power, with love, meaning to live on and do good!

When we first visited Lana's family eight months ago, her health condition was poor, and her financial situation was quite hard. The young girl dreamed of a properly functioning wheelchair - the family had no funds to purchase it, not to mention the medications and regular medical examinations, which are vital for her.


Lana was born with her left leg defect - it was few centimeters longer than her right one. Doctors' mistake caused her condition to worsen, and she got confined to a wheelchair from her childhood. Over time, the defect of her hip joint caused developing of kyphoscoliosis and the curvature of the spine occurred incredibly fast.

Lana addressed our Fund hoping that kind people would help her, and so it happened! Our Fund cordially thanks everyone who did not remain indifferent to Lana's misfortune, who at least once called her, lent her a helping hand! Thank you all very much!

- Lana, how did your life change after our publication?

Lana: With the help of the Fund, we managed to raise money for a new wheelchair, which completely changed my life. Thanks to kind people, my biggest dream has come true, and I am immensely grateful to them. Besides that, with the help of benefactors, I managed to take a full examination.

I would never have been able to get such an amount on my own, although this examination was vital for me. I also got expensive medications. They also presented us with a gas stove, which made us very happy.

- Did anybody call or visit you? Can you single anyone out?

Lana: Many people called me, supported me with their kind words, showed their empathy. I am immensely grateful to them and I am happy that such kind people exist in this world.

- Lana, was there any response to our article from the local authorities?

Lana: Unfortunately, I get no support from the authorities. As you know, I have addressed the local authorities for help many times, but alas... The friend of mine managed to make so that the elevator now stops on the second floor - she published a post on social networks asking for help. Good people helped me again.

- As far as I remember you dreamed about finding a job. Did anything change in your life?

Lana: Shortly after I addressed the Fund, I received a call from the Bank of Georgia - they offered me the position of an operator. I work from home, which is very comfortable for me. The main thing is that I can now earn money on my own and help my mother and grandmother financially.

- Emma, what does this support and help mean to you?

Emma (Lana’s mother): I am very happy! Seeing your child happy - what could be better than this?! Thank you very much for the gifts, for your support, for your attention. May the Lord God bless you, good people! 

- Mrs Lamara, how are you doing?

Lamara: My joints hurt because of my age, I also have high blood pressure, but I do not complain. The main thing for me is the health and well-being of my dear granddaughter. She's my everything!

- Lana, maybe you have some more problems that our readers can help you to solve?

Lana: Many things have changed for the better in my life, but we still have a lot of problems. You can see in what state our apartment is: the walls are damp and covered with mold, we still don’t have hot water, and we have no money to buy a water heater... I also eager to learn computer programs or enamel technique, as I love to create jewelry - it’s a great pleasure for me. I could sell them, and this would bring me some additional income.

- What else are you dreaming about?

Lana: Most of all I dream to be operated on to improve my condition. Unfortunately, I can’t be operated on in our country. Once my doctor Giorgi Gegia introduced me to a doctor from Turkey - Chaatay Ozturk, who offered to operate me in Istanbul. But it is too expensive for me - $ 50,000. I know that this dream will never come true for me, but I still keep hoping.

Dear friends, maybe there is someone among you who first met Lana's family, and you have the resources to help her - feel free to do that, because she still has a lot of problems. Look at Lana's smiling face - she is a wonderful person, a smart and talented girl with such a hard lot! The help of kind people made her happy and warmed her, it gave her hope that she is capable to do even more! Do not stop! You always want to help such people! They involuntarily make you believe that everything is good for you, because you are physically healthy, you have everything you need, and you somehow manage to solve your everyday problems. But you have a chance to grow spiritually by helping people like Lana. The God will reward you for your kindness! You will gain even more! Do not pass by someone else's grief! Lend a helping hand because sometimes the grief is unbearable for one person and his family. All together we can defeat it, or at least make it easier!

Come to visit Lana, find out how you can help her, open your heart to her, and the Lord God will open his heart to you! Good deeds never go unnoticed!

Her address is: Tbilisi, Didi Dighomi, 4A Ioanne Petritsi Str, Apartment 40 (2nd floor)

Friends, thanks again to all!

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