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The most wonderful children in the world!

August 19, 2020       2920
Such children can be only born in this country – in our Motherland Georgia! They are so happy about every new day of their life. Great is the Lord that soon the children will not realize that their parents are in trouble.
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Such children can be only born in this country – in our Motherland Georgia! They are so happy about every new day of their life. Great is the Lord that soon the children will not realize that their parents are in trouble.

Friends, meet Thea Kitiashvili, a mother of three children. 

She is distressed because her children have nothing to eat. All their money has been spent for the treatment of Thea’s father. He had aneurysm ruptured, and his daily hospital expenses were 850 GEL 

Nevertheless the young man, Thea's father, died, and the family not only spent all their money but also got into enormous debt. An endless pain...

As if it happened yesterday when they lived a happiest life. Thea and Giorgi worked, made plans for the future, raised and dandled their children, and even bought an apartment on the installment plan. 

 Look, how happy they are! - the neighbors used to say with envy.

Mysterious are the ways of the Lord! Could they ever imagine that in the new apartment the children would have to sleep on the floor, and there would be neither food nor kitchenware there. 

The misfortune befell on January 12, 2019! Thea’s beloved father was taken to hospital with a ruptured aneurysm. Thea and Giorgi put all the money they had on his treatment, they sold everything that had been acquired by hard work for years, but they still could not save this relatively young man.

In the struggle for their father’s life these poor people lost everything they had, the wellness of the family was ruined. The sweet dreams about building a family nest have given way to a fear of ending up on the street. 

- I have no more tears. I don’t know what to worry about ... Nothing will bring my dad back, the children are hungry, we sleep on the floor, and maybe tomorrow we will lose these too - sobs the poor woman. – Now her only hope is the mercy of the Lord and good people.

- What happened to your father? 

In January 2019 my father felt sick. The ambulance took him to hospital with a ruptured aneurysm. For more than two months we struggled for his life. Can you imagine, that one day spent in hospital costs 850 GEL! We had to sell everything we had, but still it was not enough.

Every day dad was getting worse. Nothing helped. In March doctors transferred him to the Palliative Clinic. It turned out that they transferred there a terminal patients. A week later, my father was gone. 

- How did you get through your father’s death? 

- I still do not believe that dad is no longer with us. It seems to me that the door is about to open, he will come in and hug me ... He left and took my whole life with him. I lost the closest person, my support. The earth vanished beneath my feet He has gone, and all my dreams and hopes, everything we had, has gone with him. But it's not only that. All our efforts failed - the illness took him from us.

- Did your friends or relatives help you? 

They did, of course. They supported us as much as they could. The state financed the treatment by 8,000 GEL. But this money was not enough even for 10 days spent in hospital. We still have huge debts, the bank repurchased our apartment in February this year, and now we face the worst thing to happen - eviction. 

- Is there nothing that could be done? 

 Paradoxically, the pandemic saved us ... They did not touch us, as we are a large socially disadvantaged family. More than that, they offered us to repurchase our apartment by installments on concessional terms, to pay 6,000 GEL, that is, half of what we owed the bank for a year ... But we cannot accept that, we even have nothing to feed the children on! And I look with horror at the coming tomorrow.

My husband works at a construction site for a penny. We are still paying off our debts for my dad's treatment ... It’s the second year.

- What is the income you live on? What do you feed your children on? 

The state pays us 220 GEL, and my husband earns 25 GEL, but he does not work every day. You can only survive with this money. I can’t call it life. Because of worries I started having problems with my back, and hormones. I don't eat anything, but I am still getting fat ... I cannot afford to visit to a doctor. My boys are not picky, they eat what I give them. The younger, Ketuna, is formula-fed, 12 GEL per can. Sometimes I do not have enough money. And there is no place where I can find it.

- What do you do in such case? 

The school director gave a tablet to Lasha, so that he could attend online lessons during the quarantine. Neighbors shared their WiFi to us. I wrote to different charity groups asking for help. You know, there are many kind people around us. 

Once a married couple helped me with groceries, they brought a lot ... Unfortunately, we have no fridge to store the food. So, I gave the food to those in need. No matter how hard it is for me, I know that there are people who do not have this either. That’s why you should help others! You never know at what point life will take everything from you ... Before my father's illness, I lived in a completely different world ...

- Tell me about your past life, please.

- All that you see are the remnants of our past life ... I had to sell a lot of things, but even these walls, wallpapers, curtains, and even doors are from the past life. I have always worked, earned a good salary, and arranged my life like any other person ... Me and my husband were planning to repurchase this apartment. We used to pay a mortgage. We wanted to have our own place to live. Isn't it a normal desire to have your own roof over your head? I have no words to describe the pain I felt when the bank took away our apartment.

Looking from outside our family seems to be ok, but you see, that it is not. I cannot feed my children on walls, curtains and doors, which attract your attention as you come in. All these are remnants of the former wellness, nothing more. Now we sleep on the mattresses, that my neighbor threw away and my husband picked. My 7- month-old baby sleeps in a handmade crib made of blankets. 

- Would you ever imagine finding yourselves in such a hard situation? 

- I still wonder how I did not go insane. I would never imagine that I could cope with this. It is the second year, as I have been living in a nightmare.

- In what do you see the salvation and the way out?

- In God! As soon as my father died, I learned that I was pregnant with Ketuna. God took my father but gave me a long-awaited daughter. He saved me with this present. I was close to despair, but thanks to my daughter, I have a true reason to live. I believe that hardships will end sooner or later. They cannot last for good.

- Tell us about your children, what are they like? 

- Lasha, seeing the plight of our family, started a part-time job. He walks our neighbors' dogs and earns his pretty penny. He constantly asks if there is anything to feed the little ones on. He often brings bread. Do you see the doors? My 14-year-old son bought and installed them. He always tries to help somehow. I am very proud of him!

The little ones are fidgets. Don’t listen to me at all. Lasha helps me babysit them.

- Can I talk to Lasha? 

- Of course, I'll just take little Ketuna from him ...

- Lasha, tell me about yourself! What are your hobbies?

- Lasha (14-year-old): I love basketball. I have a friend at school, we often play together! We are just amateurs. I’d like to play basketball professionally, but it costs too much.

- What are you planning to do after school? Have you already decided what you want to be? 

- Lasha (14-year-old): Honestly, no. I think after graduation I will go to serve in the army, and then work ... I have to support the family.

- Your mother said that you work. Tell me, where? 

- Lasha (14-year-old): I love animals and my neighbor has no time to walk his dog. I offered him my help with this. He agreed. Now he pays me 100 GEL per month for walking his dog. It’s a good job for me and the neighbor has got more free time.

- Well done! Have you got a girlfriend?

- Lasha (14-year-old): No, I don't like anyone yet ... I remember, how in the first form I fell in love with a very beautiful girl. But there has been no one else like this in my life since. 

- What do you wish most of all now? 

- Lasha (14-year-old): I don’t want anything. May my loved ones be fine.

- Thea, how did you find our Fund? 

- I read a lot about your Fund. Believe me, I appealed to many organizations for help, but the way you help, no one does! I got a hope that you can change our life for the better ...

- Tell me, please, how exactly can we help you? 

- It is difficult to us to buy baby food. So, if it’s possible could you please help with baby formula? The little ones need diapers as well.

As you can see, we have almost nothing here besides walls. I will be happy for any help! I sold almost everything for the sake of my father. 

During the pandemic we used to talk with my elder son all day long. And one good man gave us a TV. Can you imagine? Just like this, because of his kind heart. We were so happy! But I assure you, we will be grateful for any help ... Even if you just call and support us. Because we really need this. We will gladly open the doors to everyone as long as this home is still ours.


Friends, Thea Kitiashvili’s family can find themselves in the street soon. Thea sold everything she had for the sake of her father. Any of us would do the same. Now her family is in a very hard financial condition. Sometimes the children have nothing to eat. The family has no appliances at all, just a school tablet, which the school director gave to Lasha so that he could attend online lessons. They have no furniture at home - no beds, no cabinet, no chairs. 

Visit Thea and you will see yourself. The family lives at the following address: Gldani, 10 Ippolite Ivanovi Str 10 Ippolite Ivanovi Str

Or call her, her number is: 591 17 13 82

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about Thea’s life! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove that we trust in God not by words, but in deeds!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about any misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: 

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Thea! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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