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When your tommy burns and aches of hunger

October 12, 2020       1892
“You know how awkward it is, when your belly is rumbling loudly asking for some bread and you are at the lesson at that moment. Boys turn their heads to you, thinking you are bad-mannered. But the belly always chooses the wrong time to ask: “Give me some food”. It does not know that today was my little brothers’ turn to have breakfast. They are little” - 9-year-old Milena tells us shyly, then suddenly blushes (“I must have said something stupid”) and lowers her eyes. “I am big and I can bear hunger, but Dato and Dani can’t. Ma’am, don’t think they are bad, they just don’t understand that I am hungry too, and mommy has no money! And you? Where do you get money to buy these gifts? Doesn’t your belly rumble? - the girl asks me naively and goes on chattering. - What else can I do? I am already big. I should support mommy. She loves us so much and does everything to make us feel good. We have nobody except her”.
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