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Buried alive!

February 12, 2021       536
“I wonder what my neighbors will say when they see that my house is collapsing, and I am lying under the rubble? They will probably say: "What a pity for her, poor woman ... God forbid anyone such a fate!" Or maybe no one will remember me... Maybe they will say: "Poor woman will rest in the afterlife... It was so hard for her here!" 62-year-old Eteri says - she is barely moving and has shortness of breath. “Let me show you my estates, - she tries to joke. - Look, that’s where I live, or rather, I do not live, but wait for death to take me.”
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It’s scary! Dangerous! Terrible! This is the first impression when you approach her house. It feels like in a scary movie - it’s about to open its mouth and drag you into the abyss...

From our article you will learn how did she get here, how was she left alone, what she eats and what she believes in.

- Eteri, you wrote us that you really need help. Please tell us about your problems.

Eteri: I do not sleep at night; I keep listening to every rustle and every creak. It always seems to me that this house is about to collapse right on me ... Just look how I live! Look at these huge cracks in the walls! The first time it shook strongly when there was a strong earthquake in Spitak, several villages in Armenia were destroyed then... Several years later, it repeated again... The tremors were not so strong, but the cracks became bigger.

Now this house is barely standing. It is very dangerous to live here, but what can we do, we have nowhere else to go, and there is no money for repairs. Leave alone repairs, the allowance is barely enough for food... There is no gas or water. We live like primitives - we bring the water from neighbors. And my legs are in such a state that I can hardly walk... The veins, high blood pressure - I have already turned into a ruin myself. I was operated on one leg two years ago, but I have no money for the second operation...

- Is this house yours?

Eteri: It used to belong to my husband's parents. I am from another district, I got married when I was 18. Since then I have been living here. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have long been dead, my husband died young too. I was left a widow with three children, alone... I somehow survived. I am from a very poor family, my parents died when my children still studied at school. I had absolutely no one to ask for help ...

- Please share your memories with us. You’ve got married for love?

Eteri: My sister's mother-in-law introduced me to my husband. What a love? Forty years ago, people used to get married by agreement of their parents. I literally saw him a couple of times. But I was very lucky, I ended up in a good family, my husband and I lived in harmony, we worked together, and brought up our children in love. We used to live good, like other people. We never wanted to be rich ... Lord, how early has he gone! Poor man, he had five mild heart attacks without knowing it. Suddenly, he felt bad, he sat down on the sofa, gasped and ... and that's it. The ambulance came too late. I raised children alone, worked... I've had all kinds of jobs - in agriculture, in the canteen, in the factory where I was plucking chickens. It was very hard, but I raised them with God's help...

- Eteri, what's their life like now?

Eteri: My eldest daughter is single, and she works as a nurse. It helps us with what she can. You can't find work here. The second one is married, they rent an apartment in Tbilisi, they are raising two children. Her husband used to work as a taxi driver, but now the laws have changed, so the state banned him from transporting people on his clunker. She often visits me, but she never stays here with her child overnight. It's scary, this house can collapse at any moment! My son moves from place to place and takes whatever jobs he finds.

- Have you got any relatives?

Eteri: We are five sisters, we all got married and settled in different villages. We rarely see each other ... We all have children and grandchildren. One of my sisters lives in Tbilisi, she was also widowed young and was left alone with children. My second sister is sick, both she and her husband have diabetes. My third sister’s daughter died young recently, we buried her on January 7th, on Christmas... Everyone lives hard, everyone has their own grief. We can only support each other with a kind word.

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

Eteri: Sure! I have been knocking on all the doors for so many years, writing endless applications ... We managed to achieve that they finally allocated us a small amount, which was enough to buy stone blocks. And what about the rest? Sand, cement, roof, working hands? Our neighbors said they would help us if there were building materials. But where can I get them?

– Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Eteri: Of course, I do! People in our village do not live well, but they are very close-knit. They do their best to support each other. This house was originally built of clay and collapsed during the war in 1941. My father-in-law was at the front then, and the whole village helped to rebuild the house... But, as you can see, time takes its toll, now it has turned into ruins again...

- What helps you not to fall into despair, not to get discouraged?

Eteri: I often go to church, almost every Sunday. To be honest, it is not easy for me with my sore legs, but the church is quite close. There my soul finds peace at least for a while, my fear recedes ... I light candles, I pray to God that my children would be healthy, that everything would be good with them.

- Eteri, what do you live on? What is your income?

Eteri: My pension - 250 lari, plus social assistance of 70 lari. Apparently, they thought that I live very richly. What can this be enough for? The major part of it goes for electricity - we have no gas here. This is not a life - it’s a miserable existence. (The unfortunate woman wipes away her tears.)

- Eteri, I think the answer is obvious, but I still want to ask you. What are you dreaming about?

Eteri: I dream to repair this house one day, to live like other people ... Without jumping up ten times a night in horror that the walls have collapsed on me, and I cannot get out. I constantly live in this nightmare and cannot close my eyes at night.

- Almost all of Georgia will learn about you, Eteri. Our Fund has many good friends, and your misfortune will not leave them indifferent. How can we help you right now?

Eteri: I will be grateful for any help... I need foodstuff very much - we are always short of money for food. I am very embarrassed to ask for anything. I dream of a washing machine - I no longer have the strength to wash with my hands in ice-cold water. Water piping is installed up to our yard. Hopefully, soon we will have a tap in the house too. Sorry, I dream too much... I am very grateful to you for coming, listening, empathizing. This is worth a lot. God bless you!


  Our compatriot Eteri Kenchadze is in a terrible situation. She lived a hard life and was widowed early. Everything she’s got in her life was given to her by backbreaking work. This unfortunate woman ekes out a lean existence now, she lives in cold and hunger, she cannot sleep at night because she is afraid of being buried under the ruins of her own house. Nobody cares about her. There is absolutely no one to help her! We are her last hope!

  This unfortunate woman needs any help, especially food. You can call Eteri Kenchadze and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 577 92 40 45.

  Or you can visit her and provide her with all possible help. Address: Gardabani Municipality, village Tsalaskuri, fifth turn, 6 th house.

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  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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