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Death has been following us for five years!

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February 19, 2021
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“My sister and I waited so much for the birth of our brother, we even came up with a name for him, so we wanted to babysit him, play with him ... we thought he would be our protector ... but he is so helpless, so sick ... he can’t do anything himself,” says 11-year-old Anna. She and her older sister - 13-year-old Mari - became not only sisters for 5-year-old Luka, but also mothers! Sometimes they look after their brother even better than their mother does! The boy cannot do anything by himself, he cannot even ask for water.
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

«Death has been following us for five years!»

 - mother of Luka, a boy who is seriously ill, told us just recently with the tears in her eyes. And today she thanks God - she made so many new friends in Georgia thanks to an article about them.


Luka is happy when he watches cartoons while hugging his sisters

- Sit Luka on your lap, Ani, - the younger sister Teko says. – So, it is more comfortable for him to watch.

She kisses her brother on the cheek and adds: “Do you know what this episode is about, baby? The bear wants to visit his friend, and Masha spoils everything at home while he is away."

- Look, look, Ani, how happy Luka is!

- Did you recognize Masha from the cartoon? She is so mean! Oh, you are our chick! - Teko kisses her brother again out of an excess emotions.

- Teko, let him watch the screen, be quiet! - says Ani.

Little Luka is completely absorbed in what is happening on the screen. There is joy in his eyes, a smile on his face. At such moments, the whole family believes that their desired boy will get better. Inspired by hope, children hold Luka to their hearts and chirp like sparrows. It was you who gave the Imnadze family such great hope! You helped them in their fight for Luka when you read our story about an incurably ill boy whose life is in pain: “Death has been following us for five years!”

Dear friends, you with all the warmth of your kind hearts, extended a helping hand to them, you brought love and hope to this family. You showed these disadvantaged people that they were not left alone with their misfortune, that you and the Lord are next to them!

- Lia, how has your life changed after the post about you was published?

  Lia: We have a lot of news. We are overwhelmed with emotions. So many things happened. Guys from Batumi were the very first to visit us. They brought us sweets, food, hygiene products, clothes for children. It turned out that these young guys follow the posts of the Fund, help the poor and make life of the disadvantaged people easier.  So, they helped us too! They brought love and hope to our family, they caressed our Luka. They said that they would not leave us and would come again. Good guys. Thanks to them!  May God grant them success and health.

One kind stranger just by chance found out that we needed a wheelchair and helped us to buy it. Lord, bless and strengthen him! We do not even know his name - his help was anonymous.

  I would hold every reader to my heart if I could! We received so many gifts at once! Medications, foodstuffs, hygiene products, bed, TV, washing machine. This is a great joy and support for us. We are grateful to everyone who took our misfortune to heart.

- Lia, what does this people's help mean to you? What is the most important to you?

Lia: They made us feel that we are not alone. They brought us back the faith in human kindness and warmth. These are not just words. I'm really excited. I’ll gather my courage and then tell you a little bit later.

Look how my children have changed, how they smile. Both girls and Luka. Finally, our home became cozy and full of joy too. Children watch cartoons together on the big new screen. My son sleeps comfortably, peacefully on a new bed.

A washing machine has become my right hand. Luka needs to be changed several times a day. And I could no longer wash in cold water, it was painfully hard for me.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in this plight, who shared the fruits of their labor with us. Thank you for your attention! Thank you for taking this load off our mind! I'll tell you now, it doesn't hurt so much anymore.

The "advice" of some unfamiliar woman left a wound in my heart open for a long time: "You must leave such a sick child in an orphanage." I still wonder how she could say this... This is our desired boy... The Lord's gift to our family...

God Himself has sent your readers to encourage us and heal our spiritual wounds. Thank God, there are more kind people - I have no doubt now. The Lord sends us good through the hands of people.

- You can't imagine how happy are our readers to read such confessions, it motivates them so much! (Lia smiles.) Lia, we want to know about the local authorities. Any news from them? Did they react to our post?

Lia: Can you imagine that - they did! After the publication, the head of the village - David Lomadze - came to visit us. He brought us gifts from the head of the Lanchkhuti district administration - Alexander Sarishvili: an electric kettle, two blankets and foodstuffs. Now I want to thank them through you. Maybe they will remember our family. Maybe they will decide to do something else for us.

Teko: “I don’t know how to wash, but I can put things inside”

- I see that you still have problems. Maybe the friends of the Fund can help you to solve them?

Lia: I am embarrassed to say it, I am embarrassed to bother people, because I know how difficult it is for everyone to survive right now. But, of course, there are problems...

Mucus accumulates in Luka’s throat and medical manipulations are needed to get rid of it. Because of this, my boy spent four days in the children's clinic named after M. Iashvili. We now live in Tbilisi, because Luka often needs to undergo some medical procedures at the clinic. Besides that, the child cannot stand a humid climate. He gets unwell after several days spent in Western Georgia,

On October 19, Luka had a terrible attack; he had no attacks for almost a year thanks to a long and expensive treatment course. Now his damned disease reminded of itself again. The doctor said that if the seizure recurs, we will need to take encephalography which is quite an expensive examination.

We cannot go back to the village either - Luka becomes unwell there because of the dampness. We need to rent a small, modest apartment in Tbilisi. We live on Akhaldaba street, house 55. But it is very hard for us to pay 250 GEL rent plus utilities.  Half of our meager income goes to pay off the bank loan, which we took for the treatment of our son.

“The well-being of my son depends on this medication. Thank you for taking care of us! "

Luka is gradually changing, he likes musical toys, he listens attentively to audiobooks... In his eyes, you can often see clear emotions - this encourages us very much! The doctor is happy too, he says, there is a progress. We must continue. We really need toys that develop intelligence, but we have no money for them. (Lia cannot say everything she wants - one can notice she is very worried.)

- Lia, tell me about your girls. How are they? What do they need? What worries them?

(Luka has three beautiful sisters, we wrote about them earlier. The girls' biggest dream is for Luka to get well. Luka is the dearest brother and the best boy for his sisters! Despite the fact that they need a lot, their first priority is Luka's health and well-being.)

Lia: My eldest daughter - Mariam - suffers from lower back pain. Luka is already a big boy, and Mari started having problems with her spine due to carrying him in her arms. The doctor prescribed remedial exercises for her. One session costs 25 GEL, and we do not yet know how many sessions will she need. The neuropathologist prescribed expensive medications for her. (Sighs.) My middle daughter, Anna, needs to take a blood test. She has dry skin and problems with coagulability of blood. Due to poor nutrition and lack of vitamins, the girl may be left without teeth.

And I don't know when we will be asked to move out of this apartment. The landlady let us temporarily stay in this apartment which is up for sale. Nowadays, we started having problems with online studies. All the problems befall at once. My phone went out of order and my children became unable to attend classes.  I'm worried because my girls are diligent and capable. Sometimes I used to borrow money and give it to children so that they could participate in school activities. I don't want my girls to think their parents live only for Luka's sake. I want my girls to grow up carefree, cheerful, like other children. But how to do that? (Sighs.)

Mom's heart hurts for all her kids, she wants everyone to be happy

- Lia, could I please talk to your children? We will fulfill the desires of those who won’t be shy.

(While Mari and Ani exchange glances with a smile, Tea moves closer.)

Tea: Do you want me to say? They are shy. Marie and Ani need big mobile phones, they need to attend classes and to talk with friends. They are already big, they need it.

- Teko, what do you want? What are you dreaming about?

Tea: Me? I need a big computer. Do you know which one? One that has a charger. Otherwise, it will have the black screen when it shuts down. I don’t want that. I want a good one, with charger.

I really love dolls and give names to everyone. If I have new dolls, I will love them very much. Well, I love the old ones too, but they don't look good. Luka also needs toys, but he doesn't have them. I want Luka to have books that tell fairy tales themselves. How lucky some children are to have such books! You know, I want so much to... I also want to have a good birthday.

-  Tell me, sweetheart, what kind of birthday do you want?

Teko: So that I have a big cake with candles and so that I can blow them out. Do you know how old I am now? Wait a minute... (she opens her palm and intently counts five little tender fingers on it.) Five years old. But I didn't like my last birthday. (She looks at the floor and gets sad.)

- Do you want to have cake before your birthday?

Teko: What do you mean? (She became very interested.) Is it possible? Really?

Yes. Everything is possible.

Teko: Of course, I want! I want a delicious and huge cake. As simple as that - if I can have it.

"We’ve got lots of worries and experiences, but you gave me hope"


Our dear friends! Let’s caress and warm with love these beautiful children who are now cut off from their home, school, friends. Let's get closer, make friends with them, comfort and cheer them up.

Despite Luka's severe diagnosis, Lia constantly prays that her boy can at least drink water on his own. They need to continue their efforts, and never stop! Let's help a young mother fulfill her cherished dream. Each family member dedicates their life to taking care of Luka, worrying about Luke, they won’t leave him, their hearts full of love and sadness will always burn. We can ease the worries of the family before the New Year. We can give them a real, colorful, fun holiday full of hopes and fulfilled desires. Because they lack so many things.

This wonderful family will be left without support if we don’t help them. They cannot buy food, medications, let alone other things.

The Imnadze family believes you, believes in your good hearts, hopes that friends and strangers will support them again. That they will warm their souls again. Let's help the Imnadze family! Let’s help to strengthen Georgia!

The new (temporary) address of this family is: Tbilisi, Gldani-Nadzaladevi District, 55 Akhaldaba Str.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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(purpose: The Imnadze family).

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Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life: 0901 200 270! God bless you!

Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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