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Don't lie to me, mom, tell me what's wrong with me? Is something bad going to happen to me?

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June 25, 2021
In five years, she took so many pills that one could have made a small house out of them! For the amount spent for them, little Lizi could have fulfilled all her cherished dreams. The pills she takes are inexpensive - only 10 tetri per pill! But she needs 12 pills a day!
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In five years, she took so many pills that one could have made a small house out of them! For the amount spent for them, little Lizi could have fulfilled all her cherished dreams. The pills she takes are inexpensive - only 10 tetri per pill! But she needs 12 pills a day!

She is still quite little to understand what is wrong with her. It will be difficult even for an adult to come to terms with being treated like a patient when nothing bothers you.

“Don't run, don't jump... You can't eat this, you can't do that, don't eat this, don't do that... And can I take a thousand pills a day?" - Lizi tells us with displeasure. – “Tell me, what's wrong with me? Why can't I do anything that all other girls can? I can't even be a princess: they are slim, but I am not."

She is seven years old, five of which she is being treated, and she does not know what she is treated for. But she remembers that if she doesn't take the pills, she will feel bad. She knows that she cannot drink a lot of water, because then she becomes like a balloon! She knows she shouldn't sweat.

Her disease was discovered by accident. When she was two years old, she injured her arm, and her mom took her to a doctor. The doctor did not like that the girl had circles under her eyes, and after examining her, he advised to do tests. And unfortunately, the tests showed an unacceptable amount of protein in her body. It was 10 times higher than the norm. So they had to sound the alarm.

- Tsira, could you please tell us what wrong with Lizi?

Tsira: My poor daughter prays to God that someday she will be able to run and play like other children do. You know, it turned out that she was born with a severe disease, and we didn't even know about it. If she had not injured her hand when she was two, she would probably have died in our arms, and we would never have learned the reason.

- What do you mean? Does not she have any signs of illness?

Tsira: If you are not a professional, you will not guess. Look at her, how can one say that she is sick? Some people may say that she is a chubby girl, who probably loves sweets. And my poor daughter gained weight because of taking hormonal drugs! For five years she has taken more than 20,000 pills! Can you imagine that?

- What's wrong with her? Is it curable? What do the doctors say?

Tsira: Lizi suffers of nephrotic syndrome. In simple words - her blood protein level is below norm! She swells, and if she does not take medications, she may simply suffocate. We even took her to Turkey, thinking maybe our doctors were wrong because she looked fine. She had no pain, she had no fever, and she felt very well. But it turns out that this insidious disease destroys her little organs! God has mercy on us - she develops well. She's a very smart girl!

Lizi: I'm so smart that I even go to school. And I draw very well. But I still don't understand why everyone is so busy with me... Lizi, don't run, Lizi, don't worry... We will do it for you... Do you know what my greatest desire is? I really want a tablet. There are games about princesses where you dress them up. That would be cool!

- What else would you look at on a tablet?

Lizi: First of all, I would watch all the videos about beautiful princesses. Then I would call my friend and we would chat with her! I miss her very much! But I don’t have a computer and I don’t think I will ever have it! I know we cannot buy it.

- Tsira, what your family lives on?

Tsira: Our only income is the pension of my husband's parents - they help us a lot, and social allowance. I cannot work, I need to take care of children. My husband is a hard worker, but he was left without job because of the pandemic. Well, even before the pandemic, it was not easy to find job in the village, and he cannot go to work somewhere and leave us. Lizi can get worse at any time, and I can't cope alone.

- What do you need the most?

Tsira: It is obligatory for Lizi to monitor her protein level monthly, and also to consult a doctor, to have an ultrasound scan and other examinations. Do you know how expensive it is? This is just an unbearable amount for us. Leave alone home appliances - ones we have at home are old, but they all still work. We don't have a gas stove - it would be great to have it. Our neighbors and friends help us with foodstuffs. I thank God that the pills that Lizi takes are not expensive, otherwise I would have to beg for alms. But one will do anything for the sake of the child.

- Tsira, has your family always been living in poverty?

Tsira: No, we lived as anyone else. We did not live in poverty. My husband worked... And now everything went wrong. Our parents are also old, they live on pension, but they still manage to support us. May God grant them health! Our house is old, it has not been renovated for a long time. But who cares? If only our child gets well!

- Tsira, almost the whole Georgia will learn this story about your wonderful daughter Lizi. You can address our readers!

Tsira: Well, I don't even know what to say. In the current situation, everyone thinks about themselves, about their family. But I ask about one thing, I ask each of you to support us - to share this information so that as many people as possible know about Lizi. I am sure, there will be wizards among them! I believe in that! Lizi believes in that.

Lizi: Yes, the main thing is to believe! So, I believe that I will soon be able to play like other children do! I just need a little help! I have a lot of friends, and everyone loves me, and I love them!

Tsira: It would be great if we could do a full examination and treatment.


Friends, Lizi believes in God, and God believes in you! Together we can work miracles. The main thing is that there are many of us, and we also believed in a miracle!

And here's our answer to Lizi's main question: "Do you believe that I can become a girl like anyone else?" - "Of course, you can, honey! We believe in that!"

You can visit them and help them personally. Here is their address: Lanchkhuti municipality, Guliani village (Chochkhati).

We should not remain indifferent to the troubles of this family, we will show our mercy and care, all together we will help them however we can, showing them all our love and mercy! Unfortunately, no one is immune to loneliness and sickness.

Please repost our publication, so that as many people as possible learn about the troubles of little Lizi!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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