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Children on a minefield.

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July 19, 2021
"Caution! Slow down! Stop! Danger!” Probably it is safer to walk in a minefield than in this house. Having worked for many years at the Fund and having seen the primitive living conditions, we sometimes think that we got already used to such houses. But alas! It is impossible to get used to this.
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ნიკოლოზ დარჩაშვილი
year ago
$ 1.12
თეონა ხუციძე
year ago
$ 18.67
გიორგი ნატრაძე
year ago
$ 3.73
ვასილი ჯიშკარიანი
year ago
$ 1.87
პეტრიაშვილი ნანა
year ago
$ 3.73
მარიამ ჯაყელი
year ago
$ 3.73

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