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I died for the first time at the age of 9, and now I am dying again

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September 23, 2021
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"How is this possible?" - you will probably ask. Mzia Dzamukashvili knows the answer to this question very well. She first died at the age of 9 when she went blind. Her world was gone. Her childhood ended and her life ended too. Mzia buried and mourned her dreams. And then she was resurrected for another life - in eternal darkness. She learned to live by touch - to walk, read, recognize other people. She learned not to dream about great joys. Her fate was like an evil stepmother, it was not going to give her love, the joy of motherhood, happiness.
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I am blind but I see your kindness very well!!!
Now I won't feel lonely
They say that the blind feel and experience everything doubly. Mzia is that woman who has been living in darkness since the age of nine. She feels the world only by the touch and by ear. Despite this, Mziya's special skill, which is called imagination, gave her the opportunity to hug, feel your kindness, which left an unforgettable, emotional trace in her memory.
Now a ray of light has appeared in her life, which, according to her, she named after our Fund.  She does not feel lonely anymore. Do you know why? Because your kindness filled her house. She already has a radio, which she dreamed about for so long, so that she does not feel lonely as much.
Now there is hot water in her house, and, as she herself says, every day she strokes the water heater with her hand, blessing each of you. What could be more beautiful than lending a helping hand and making everyday life better for a person who has given up on life?
- Mzia, how did your life change after we have published an article about you?
Mzia: You know, this question touches me like a small child, because I have to remember what my life was like before you appeared. In general, for a blind person there is neither yesterday nor tomorrow, there is only darkness, which is always the same. Besides that, I've been living alone for years. 
For the first time in so many years I felt that I was not alone, when you appeared - someone was interested in me and expressed this interest with kindness and love. I was brought to life, felt the essence of my existence in this world. You gave me an inspiration for tomorrow. If you only knew, how much joy you gave me. It made sense to start a new day. Now I know that I can turn on the radio and listen to it until the evening, finding out what is happening in the world. I can’t see the world. But the radio is an inseparable part of me, I have it constantly on so as not to pay attention to this darkness. It really does help me a lot. 
And warm water is a real relief for me. In winter, it is as cold in my house as it is outside and putting hands in cold water at this time really hurts. Maybe someone else will be surprised at my great joy and say: “How could radio and hot water make her that happy?” But for people like me, this is a great joy. Even some small thing can make us happy... The rest is up to you... 
I bless you day and night!!! Day and night, people!!! I always pray for you because you showed me so much kindness and love.
– Mzia, I am sure that you will make our readers happy with these words. Have you made new friends?
Mzia: You know, today everything happens on the Internet, times have changed - the way they ask about you, the way they help, and all the rest... I don’t have a mobile phone, and they couldn’t contact me. But my old friend said that when you published a post about me, people wrote me comments and a lot of kind words. When I learned this, I was so happy that I couldn’t sit still for the whole day!
I would like to take this moment to express my deepest gratitude to all of you. It is your merit that now I feel like a living person. I would also like to mention the employee of your Fund, whose name is Nana, her surname is Chigladze, if I remember correctly. She is such an attentive, warm, and good person that I can not help but note this. Since I spoke to her in person, let me confidently thank her and express my love.
“This is how I touch and stroke it”
– Was there any feedback from the local authorities to our post? Did they react in any manner?
Mzia: As usual, they send us one-time help from time to time. For example, they give me a voucher in the amount of 100 GEL for medications (once every four months). But the price of only one drug that I take - “Treparin” - is 110 GEL. What else to say… They even disqualified me from getting social allowance I used to get. Ever since my mom died, they gave me more points, so I'm no longer entitled to get allowance. Can you imagine when this is done to a blind person who does not have the means and conditions? 
“Blood pressure monitor with voice has become an inseparable part of me”
- Mzia, I hope everything will change soon. In the meantime, I want to ask you, what does this help and support mean to you personally?
Mzia: This help? It’s a reason for me to stay in this world. You probably know what I mean. Why do you need such a life where you have no one, you see nothing, no one remembers you, no one asks about you?
Loneliness is terrible. But when you are also blind life turns into hell. Here I want to recall one sad story that concerns my late brother and his former family. My brother was separated from his family for 15 years. He was very angry with his ex-wife and warned me before he died that he was not going to leave her anything. My brother did not have many things, he only had house in Telavi. But when my brother passed away, I thought about his wife and child, and it hurt me very much that he left them with nothing at all. Despite the fact that his family collapsed 15 years ago, my heart ached, and I decided to give them this house. Do you know why I am telling you that? 
So many years have passed, but they do not show up, do not ask how I am, do not visit me ... I begged them to come and take me to the grave, but they did not, always finding some reasons. That's what they did to me, leaving me, forgetting how I put all my heart into their well-being.
So, this help became for me the awakening of those forgotten feelings that are called love and care. Also, your help reminded me of the care of my mother and brother when they were by me... This is help when kindness reaches your heart, touches it, calms it down and takes it out of the dark room for a while. Not one-time help, but long-term and even eternal... I will always remember how you supported me - complete strangers. How can I forget it? Indeed, we need to appreciate and be proud that there still are people in our country on whom Georgia stands.
- Maybe you have some other problem the friends of our Fund can help you with?
Mzia: Problems, problems... They will never end. Even if I was healthy and had millions, there would still be some problems, something would come out. I told you about my problems. Basically, I am mentally exhausted, and I really need attention. As for everyday problems, of course I have them. How can I lie to you that I don't have them? For instance, my gas stove is old and dangerous. Specialists came several times and warned me that gas can possibly leak from somewhere. They demanded to get rid of this stove. But if I get rid of it, where to get a new one? In fact, it is a matter of life and death. But what can I do?
I also really need a refrigerator to keep safely at least those foodstuffs that I don’t have very often. Summer has come, it has become hot, and everything goes bad soon. I could not even dream of solving these two problems, but since you asked, I tried to be completely frank and allowed myself to dream a little.
"Now I'm not afraid of anything, since I have hot water"
Friends! You have given this sweet, warm, and noble woman a reason to continue living with a different motivation. You will probably agree with me that blind people can see much more than many healthy people with beautiful eyes. Mzia is really happy with a radio, but we will try to do more for her. She says she dreams about a gas stove and fridge, so let’s fulfill her dream! This will make her happier. She really deserves that. You can make Mzia happier if you visit her, call and ask her how she is, encourage her and show your attention. Kindness never disappears for good. It remains in our memory forever.
You can get to know Mzia personally and help at: Kvemo Ponichala, 12a Rustavi highway.
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