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“This hole was about to eat me! Don’t come close!”

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October 18, 2021
“Let’s go, I’ll show you a hole! You know, I almost died there? It grabbed my leg, and I screamed: "A-ah-ah!" But my mother managed to grab me, otherwise it would have eaten me!" - baby Niniko drags me by the hand. She wants to show me some sinister hole. “Just look, be careful, it can grab you too,” - the baby warns me.
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 We stopped hoping... We started believing!


The Korshia family we met a few months ago.

Terrible house, hunger, despair... They no longer hoped that someday their life would change. But you gave them joy! “There are no words in the world that can convey how grateful I am. Our family has seen so much good from you! Foodstuffs, hygiene products, refrigerator, tablet - Your help saved our lives!” -  the mother of the family Natalia says with happy smile on her face. Thanks to you, friends, Nodiko’s cherished dream, which he was even afraid to talk about, came true!

“He always felt lonely. His friends rode bikes after school, and he stood alone in the distance and just watched. And this emptiness in the eyes... He never complained or asked for anything. But I saw everything. And you gave my son a real childhood!”

A baby has just been born in the Korshia family. This is a great happiness! And such a big problem... In what conditions will he grow up? This house is just a huge minefield! You can stumble and fall at any given moment... At night, even when you are asleep, you can hear the whistle of the wind that breaks through the cracks in the walls... Friends, this family still needs our help. Their needs are very simple. Even simple groceries are real luxury to them. Let’s show the entire world that kindness is boundless! Let’s all together give happy childhood to these kids.

“We are very happy that you gave us tablet. We will download many games and we’ll play on it.”

–  Natalia, how has your life changed after we published an article about you?

Natalia: It has changed for the better. Many people learned about us and took our trouble to heart. Many people responded. By the good will of these people, we got food, personal care products, money and a particularly necessary gift - a refrigerator. Besides that, I received many calls from people who encouraged and supported me.

I am very grateful, indeed. I really don't know what would have happened to us without your help.

New home appliances at the disposal of the homemaker

- Would you single out someone out of your new friends?

Natalia: I am very grateful to everyone, but I especially remember few of them. One of them was a refugee from Abkhazia who now lives in Zugdidi. He often came to us and brought food and other necessary things, he always supported us morally and tried to cheer us up. Of course, there were other people who could not come, but transferred money to us. I am very grateful to everyone.

“Baby hygiene products will be handy our baby”

- What does this support and help mean to you and your family?

Natalia: Actually, this help has saved our lives. Were it not for the food and the money you gave us - we would certainly be on the brink of starvation. A lot has changed for our children as well. The tablet and bicycle you gave them made their childhood colorful and happy. Besides that, they often talk about the power of kindness and help. Touched by the help of others, they are always ready to support any person in need. You showed them the best example of how they should become good people.

Sweets for better mood

“Mommy says: “If you eat a lot of sweets, you will have rotten teeth.” But it tastes so good that I still eat it them.”

- I’d like to talk to the children too. What gift did you like the most? What will you play now?

Niniko (4-year-old): Most of all I like the tablet, there are so many games and entertainment. Nodiko and I often compete to see who gets the most points. He wins because he's big, but sometimes I win too. And I really liked the sweets. Mom says: “Don’t eat too much or you will ruin your teeth,” but they are so delicious that I still eat them.

Nodiko (11-year-old): I liked the bike the most. It’s very good and fast. After school, my classmates race, now I can also race with them and overtake everyone.

"Now I can compete on a bike too"

– Did the local authorities somehow react to our post? Was there any feedback from them?

Natalia: Yes, they responded. The administration of Khobi came to us and promised to provide us with building materials after the birth of our third child so that we could put a roof on our house.

- As I see it, your life is changing for the better, although I am sure that the problems are not limited to this, and you still have many needs. You can address the friends of our Fund.

Natalia: I am very grateful to your Fund and to the friends of the Fund. You really managed to give us back hope, although, as you rightly said, the problems have not yet been finally resolved. Many new problems accompany the joy of having a baby - the family has no funds for baby formula.We hope on God and good people.

After all that you have done for us, I am very embarrassed to ask for anything else, but I have no other choice - we will be grateful for any help. God bless you, my dear, everything will be fine.


Friends, our compatriots found themselves in a very difficult situation.

Please take the misfortunes of this and many other families to heart and keep helping them. Our problems are noting if compared with their problems. Every little thing we can do for the sake of good is often a matter of life and death for these people.

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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