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I'm all alone, baby - there's nobody to give me water, nobody to cry with ..

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September 28, 2022
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“Don’t be afraid of me. I look like a horrible old woman from fairy tales, but I'm still young at heart Do you know how much torment and pain I saw during my life? In the end I could not stand it. I hunched over under their weight. I can barely walk. I don’t utter a word during the day. I am completely alone - there is no one to give me water, there is no one to complain to... "
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Grandma Dodo blesses us all! Expect good luck, friends! No matter that I am old and all hunched over, for your sake I too will pull my heart out of my chest and give it to you!


"Pay no attention to the fact that I'm old and hunched - I would do everything for you too, and give you my heart!"

"I worked at the car factory for 35 years, earning the respect of everyone. I was showcased in front of all the committees. But in my later years, my life became harder than that of a stray dog," Grandma Dodo explains. - Oh, the tears I've shed, how hurtful it was!  It felt as if I had lived in vain - all my hard work seemed worthless.

 You've restored my dignity and respect.  You've dried my tears and protected me from various troubles. I don't feel so bad anymore, because people from different cities in Georgia call me and ask: "What can I do for you, Grandma? My dear, sweet one!'  Everyone refers to me as 'grandma,' and it fills me with warmth and joy.  No matter that I am old and all hunched over, for your sake I too will pull my heart out of my chest and give it to you. I can do it right now.

- Our sweet grandmother!  Do you think you were the only one crying?  We all cried when we heard your story, when we saw your house.  But now it is impossible to recognize this house!

Dodo: Sure! There's no comparison!  When the social worker from the Fund came, he was shocked: no windows, no doors, all kinds of animals from the yard came in.   Now the house has acquired a human appearance both outside and inside, and it is livable. They plastered it, installed windows and doors, laid laminate flooring in the bedroom, and tiled the hallway. They brought in a refrigerator and a television, quite expensive ones! And now I have two decent rooms.

“House has acquired a human appearance!  it is livable”

“I have two decent rooms”

I didn't feel cold during winter. Look, I have a heater now. They also bought me boots and galoshes. I have something to wear in the rain and snow. They managed to find shoes of my size - size 42!   This robe is perfect for keeping warm. I often go out into the yard. With my hunched back, it's better to be active and on the move than to sit still.  These new things are just what I needed. 

When I get tired, I sit down to watch TV with a cup of tea and a little candy. I don't have many teeth left, but I love nut candies. I bought myself some with your help.  And they also brought me some treats.  I indulge myself a little because the news on TV is so sad.  People are suffering and living in need. Let me show you my preserves.  For now, I've lined up some jars on the floor.

“When I get tired, I sit down to watch TV. TV series are better - the news make me sad”

- What preserves did you make?

Dodo: Ajapsandali - it is really delicious. When you brought me groceries and vegetables, I decided to can some of them. If I run out of regular food at home, I'll spread the preserves on a piece of bread and eat it. I still have rice and buckwheat left from your supplies.

 For my old and lonely life, I have everything I need - new dishes, a supply of laundry detergent, and a new fancy cover for the bed. You have provided everything for my home. My dear, why am I talking about what people have given me and how I live now? I must express gratitude to people!  I appreciate so much care they showed to me!

"You've provided everything for my house: there's a heater, and an electric stove”

- You can do that now, Grandma Dodo.

Dodo: Don't just write them a simple "thank you," darling. These people, the society that helped me, your readers - they are the ones who lifted me out of the mud and wiped me clean. They are the ones who restored my youth when I was a valuable respected employee, when I could earn a living and be proud of myself. I worked two shifts at the car factory and set the tone for everyone. In the poverty I fell into, with the help of my relatives, all human dignity fades away, darling.

I have bothered so many people, even though I always tried to live without causing unnecessary noise.   I feel uncomfortable causing so much fuss and worry. But on the other hand, I was perishing, and I couldn't stay silent anymore.  I asked you to save me.  And you have raised such a movement, attracted so many people to me that I have never dreamed of.

I will never forget this attention in my life!  If only I could help any of you with something!  If I can, I will be happy to do so. I spend a lot of time praying for you, for your health, prosperity, and happiness!

- Maybe you remember the names of those who called you, visited you and helped you?

Dodo: Sure! My former colleagues from the car factory, neighbors from the city, and schoolmates called and helped me with money transfers. Many of them were horrified by the way I was living. They hadn't heard from me in a long time and couldn't even imagine what I was going through... "How could this happen, Dodo? How can someone like you, a hard worker, not have proper housing?"  Maybe it was because of the betrayal of my relatives...

Even strangers felt very sorry for me.  But everyone, without exception, rejoiced that such a project by the Fund existed and that my living conditions were changing.

Your readers are capable of boundless kindness!  Just think, they covered my 5,000-credit debt!!!  Complete strangers!!!  I took that loan once to finish building this house, but I couldn't handle it. I never finished the house and ended up in a debt trap.  Thank you for lifting this burden off me. I would have gone down with it if it weren't for you!"

 I became close friends with the photographer Dato (David Okropilashvili - editor's note). When he learned about me, he became very active.  He shared the story about me on the internet with his acquaintances and friends, and then several times he brought gifts from himself and from them: groceries, food for my dog, shoes, and hygiene products. My Dato is very kind. All of you who helped are dear to me. I bless you all! Look at all the gifts: a radio, an electric stove, new windows... One kind person even fixed the plugs in my house.

"Now I live with a door.  I close it at night and can sleep peacefully"

- Firewood too, is a gift from the readers, Grandma Dodo?

Dodo: That's from the district administration, I'm grateful, of course. But here's what they suggested: they offered me to move to a shelter. Uh, no, I don't need that kind of help, I said. If you want to support me, it's better to help here!  Then they sent workers, and they cleaned up the house after the repairs.  They wanted to take me somewhere!  I won't go anywhere for anything!

- Grandma Dodo, are the any issues left to be resolved?

Dodo: I need to build a fence, my dear, so that the neighbor's pigs and chickens don't wander into my yard.   There's no order without a fence. You already gave me the chainlink as a gift, but there's no one to install it. So, this matter is currently stuck. My pension is not enough for the workers. 

I, restless as ever, fell twice in the yard and injured my right arm. I can't do laundry, but that's fine. It hurts all the time. I don't know how to get rid of this pain.

“You gave me the great chainlink as a gift, but there's no one to install it”


Friends, our project is ongoing, and we can help Grandma Dodo with her specific needs. Our care helps prolong her life. May grandma Dodo be healthy under our care, and live a long, long time!

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.

Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, and talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy!

Friends, thanks again to each of you!

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Let's believe that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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