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They will be killed or maimed ...

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October 8, 2022
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“Be careful, do not fall - the ambulance won’t be able to come here, and we won’t be able to help you if you fall from here! Hold on to me! " We overcame the first obstacle. Now you need to climb the stairs, and this is also very dangerous.
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They will be killed or maimed...
“Be careful, do not fall - the ambulance won’t be able to come here, and we won’t be able to help you if you fall from here! Hold on to me! " We overcame the first obstacle. Now you need to climb the stairs, and this is also very dangerous. 
“This step is creaky and staggering. Even if you want to go up quietly, it will not work "
- Magda, I have no comments! How do you live here?
Magda: Everything in hazardous in this house: the staircase can collapse, the wall can open, the ceiling can collapse. You must be on the alert. If it rains, you need to put basins, if it winds, then you need to put the rags into the cracks. It is impossible to renovate or decorate this house fully. The only thing we have enough money for is flour and cereals. We make purchases at the beginning of the month and then improvise. 
“Containers for collecting rainwater are everywhere. Because of this everything in the house is covered with mold and rot.
What do you live on, what is your income?
Magda: We get an allowance. My husband works as a janitor, I work as a nurse. Our total earnings are 500 Lari. Another 300 Lari is the allowance. It seems that it is a big money, but now the food has become expensive. My husband and I have never lived richly. Sometimes we survived with 70 Lari a month. But then we had not so many children, and living was cheaper. And now we barely make ends meet. The main thing is that there is enough money for food. It is impossible to afford anything else with our budget - buying clothes for children or taking them to circles.
- I see, you want to provide you children with the most basic things.
Magda: Food is not a basic thing! You need it not to die. The children went to the school wearing rugs and torn shoes. They don’t even have a bag to put the books. For several months I saved up money to buy at least two notebooks and a pen for them.
"I close my eyes, and everything around becomes beautiful"
Eka (10-year-old): Every day before going to bed I dream that I have a new bag, with the wheels. I want it to be pink and there was Dory on it. Do you know her? This is a girl from the cartoon. So, I close my eyes and imagine that I am going with such a bag to school where children surround me and say: "Oh, what a beautiful bag, what a beautiful one."
Saba (12-year-old): Why should one dream about it? I dream about a bicycle. And so that I have the coolest football kit, and I could go to football. Maybe I also become like Kvaratskhelia? 
- It looks like all the children are only talking about Khvicha. Is he the coolest? What about Messi?
Saba: Messi is old, and Khvicha is ours! He is really the coolest! Be sure to watch how he plays. You will also become his fan!
Magda: Saba is obsessed with football. But how to take him to football circle? We don’t have one in our village, and there is 30 kilometers to Zestafoni. It is too far to walk to, and transport is expensive. 
“I have never had new shoes”
Saba: You must agree - football kits are very expensive. And a pair of football boots cost like two pairs of shoes.
- May I see your house?
Magda: I am embarrassed to show it, we live like beggars. Everything we have at home is broken. We sleep pell-mell.
Eka: Let me show you but walk carefully. God forbid you to fall - we will not be able to pull you out. And the ambulance will not reach us.
“Look: we put these basins under the rain when it rains at our home”
“After every rain dad tries to patch holes in the ceiling like that"
"We have to move furniture so that the rain does not spoil it"
"Tell me honestly: does this building look like a residential building?"
- Eka, what house would you like to have?
Eka: The house where the water does not flow from the ceiling, where nothing creaks in the wind, so that the walls were smooth and beautiful. I would even paint one wall myself!
- What would you paint?
Eka: Beautiful flowers. I like to draw beautiful nature, mom, flowers. But I have one problem: I don’t have pencils and paper. I have neither felt-tip pens, no colors, no brushes. 
"I would conjure myself such a neat house"
“This is how my brother and I are going to the seaside"
Eka: Do you know what other dream I have? I want to see the sea! Have you seen it? Is it really so big and beautiful? My friends showed me pictures. Such a beautiful sunset as in a fairy tale! Probably, I would never get there. It’s expensive.
- In your opinion, what should your family's monthly budget be so that your life could change for the better?
Magda: I don’t really know. If our income would have increased by 500 Lari, if someone helped us fix this house, if someone gave at least any push to get off this swamp, we would probably start living in a completely different way.
- Magda, let’s summarize our conversation. What do you need the most to make your life easier?
Magda: Building materials are vital for us to at least close these holes and fix the roof. We also really need foodstuffs - at least those that will help us survive the winter. We need clothes, shoes, and school supplies.
Saba: Why are you asking that? It never happens that you have nothing, and then you get everything, right? I do not believe that someone will just give me a bicycle or phone. Maybe they will give me used football kit and ball, but I don’t think they will give anything new.
Eka: It is your right not to believe, but I will believe! And they will give it to me, but not to you! 
These little Georgians deserve a better life. They should feel like children, and all their dreams must come true.
Friends, this family has no one else to ask for help. Complete strangers are their last hope. Mom is worried about her children because they may have serious health problems due to malnutrition. They need any help: food, hygiene products, building materials, beds. Children need clothing for school and school supplies. Together, we will manage to help this unfortunate family, as we helped thousands of families in Georgia who were hanging between life and death.
If anyone is willing to visit and help them in person, here is their address: Terjola Municipality, village Dzevri.
Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!
We are sure that all together we will manage to save them from imminent death.
Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!
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We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!
We have good news: now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on Instagram: and Telegram:
Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life: 0901200270! God bless you!

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Our Fund’s accounts:
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