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"Two Hundred Needles in the Heart": How does a wonderful 8-year-old Georgian boy named Beka fight with death living in poverty and ruins

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July 25, 2023
8-year-old Beka has a severe congenital heart defect. Georgian doctors are not daring to perform surgery, as they say there is a high risk of a fatal outcome! They are giving an extremely important advice to the poor single mom of three: “Prevent him from risks”. I wonder, would they also give the same advice to their own child in a similar situation? They say they sent the test to Germany and Turkey... And they received the same response from there – saying that the risk is too great! But we, friends of the Fund, do not believe such advice! Can anyone prevent an 8-year-old child from playing with his brothers and friends?! He is just a child!!!
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We invite all of you to join the cruise of kindness!


Eight-year-old Beka already knows that the world is not only filled with hunger, cold, and cruelty. Life without a father is not the end of everything. It turns out that when there are kind-hearted people like you, dear friends, wonderful and happy days can come even for a poor, homeless boy!

Kindness is the best medicine in the world.  And therapy with kindness has worked miracles many times, and you know it very well!

 "My people, my Georgians! We have been born anew! Thanks to you, we have started a new life, found peace, and most importantly, in the eyes of my boys, sparks of hope have lit up!"  says Tamila, wiping tears of joy from her eyes.

Her husband abandoned the young woman in poverty. She was raising her three extraordinary sons all alone and could barely provide for them. The family lived in a hovel, or rather, in an eight-square-meter storage room. 

The middle son, Beka, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. However, due to a lack of means, there was no possibility of consulting with a doctor or receiving treatment. "I was nervous, and the child was nervous. Four years have passed, and we still haven't undergone the necessary treatment. We didn't know what was happening in his tiny heart. The child would tire quickly and complain of pain. I thought something terrible was approaching... You probably remember my plea addressed to the Fund and its faithful friends. And they heard me! They read our story, they understood my problems. God bless all the kind-hearted people who share their piece with those in need," the mother prays, raising her hands to the sky.

- Tamila, could you tell us about the transformation that occurred in your life?

"You lit sparks of hope and joy in their eyes!"

Tamila: I do not even know where to start with. The entire Georgia learned about our suffering. After the post was published, things developed rapidly. The most important issue for me was Beka's health. With the help of the Fund, we immediately went to one of the best clinics in Tbilisi. They ran all the tests for my child. His heart valve is open, and there's nothing we can do about it.

My little boy's heart needs attention, care, and constant monitoring, which we didn't have before you came into our lives.  Thankfully, the situation hasn't worsened or complicated. We are saved!  The Lord took care of us. If it weren't for you, I would still be in uncertainty, and my heart would probably have broken from all the worries.

- Last time we visited you in a different house. Can you tell us more about that?

Tamila: Yes!  Our former neighbors also saw that post. They are two young brothers and they had a small house here. They moved to another place, a bigger one, and this house was vacant.  And they let us in. Can you imagine that?  They let us into their home! It needs some roof repairs, but overall, it's not bad at all!  At least, it's better than the storage room.  Moreover, now we have two rooms, and in one of them, we set up a bedroom. We bought the beds with the help of the Fund. The kitchen will be separate. My children will no longer have lunch sitting on broken chairs.

This is their new home.  Until now, they lived in a storage room.

Beka: I would really like to have my beautiful, small, and cozy bed.    I often get tired, and sometimes I nap during the day. In that storage room, there was a bad bed, very bad. I couldn't even sleep at night; I thought I might fall off, and I was scared.

He's so happy with the new bed that he wants to sleep all the time.

- Did you get happy when your mom said you were getting new beds?

Gocha: Wouldn't you get happy? Who doesn't want to sleep sweetly?! We've been dreaming about this for so long!  Every child should have at least a bed and food.  (Tamila smiles warmly in response to Gocha's words.)

- Children, my little friend, should have the very best!

Every child should have food and a warm bed.

Tamila: Soon, an extraordinary family from Batumi responded and gave us a double bed. A driver from Khelvachauri helped us bring it here, and he didn't charge us money. "Oh no, ma'am! If there's anything else I can help you with..."  he said to us.

Beka: Now each of us has their own bed! Well, Mom and Mate sleep together, but Mate is still little, and he only needs Mom.

Mate (5 years old):  Don't you want Mom? Who do you call when your boo-boo hurts?  You know, Auntie, I got a lot of candies and chocolates. I ate a lot. I still have a lot.  And I'll give you some too if you behave well.  (I promised to behave well.)

Mate treats those who behave nicely with candies.

Tamila: My kids always lacked sweets. But now they've seen so much all at once. You should have seen how they were jumping around.

Gocha: They also gave me a school bag with school supplies. Such beautiful ones!

Beka: They gave me a bag too! Mine is cooler!

Gocha: Well, you can't say anything without him repeating it.

Beka: If they gave me one too, how can I not say it?

"I'm starting the school year for the first time with such a new, beautiful bag."

Gocha: You even repeated after me that you want to be a sailor!

Beka: It's not because of you! I also want to be a captain!    You'll see; I'll have a big ship. I'll put all the good people on my ship, and we'll go on a journey. A big journey... I forgot what it's called.

Gocha: A cruise.

Beka: Yes, a cruise. It will be a kindness cruise. I will thank everyone who helped us, everyone. Wait, when I grow up...  You'll see - I won't forget it!

- Kids, will you take me on the kindness cruise?

Beka: If you make many children happy, we'll take you too.

– What else did you like from the gifts, guys?

Gocha: The television. It's so cool. I always wanted to watch travel shows, but we didn't have a television. I recently watched the movie "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." I liked it so much that it became my favorite movie. Now I want to read the book.

"My kids have never been so happy!"

Beka: "This TV is smart, but Gocha is smarter!"

- Do you know who wrote it?

Gocha:  Of course! I do very well in school, I love both reading and learning. Jules Verne wrote it. Your Fund even rewarded me for excellent studies. If we had the internet, I would watch other movies on YouTube. But we don't have internet, so I only watch what's on TV.

The Fund honored Gocha with a certificate

Tamila: Thanks to you, we not only have a TV, fridge, but even a washing machine. These gifts were so unexpected!  I have to tell you a story.

Once, I was walking in the rain, and I didn't even have an umbrella to stay dry. Suddenly, my phone rang, and a female voice said to me:

- I'm calling from 'Elite Electronics.'  You ordered some appliances, and they will be delivered to you today.

- I replied, "No, you must be mistaken, I haven't ordered anything."

And I thought to myself, what kind of household appliances are these, and where will I get the money for them? It turned out that this unexpected and joyful call was a surprise from the Fund. Oh my God, it was truly amazing! You made me so happy! I was walking in the rain, and I was crying tears of joy. Raindrops and tears of happiness were running down my face together.  I haven't been this happy in a long time!

"What an amazing surprise you've arranged for me! It takes real talent to do good so beautifully!"

"I'm all good; I got out to prevent my mom from washing me along with the clothes."

- Tamila, when your husband left, you were literally left on the streets with two children, and you were pregnant on top of that. It's tough to start from scratch in our time and in our country. We, along with our generous friends, are doing our best to make your life easier and provide assistance. We've already succeeded once, but your challenges are far from over; there are still many. Could you please let us know what you need the most at this stage?"

Tamila: I feel so embarrassed to keep asking and asking like this, but I'm really in a hard situation.

Gocha: You know how many times Mom has cried?  She cries when we run out of food. When we get sick, and she has no money for medicine, she cries. You know what made her cry once? I went hungry at school. The other kids had money and went to the school cafeteria to eat, but I had nothing. I never have anything. Mom doesn't even have small change to give me. She has so much to deal with. Then, my stomach started hurting, and when I saw the other kids, it hurt even more. I didn't cry, but when I told Mom, she cried...

Tamila: I still can't think about that story without tears. In the evening, our wonderful teacher, Gulnara, found out about it. She called all the parents and asked them not to give money to the children who are studying in the lower grades for school.  Let them have lunch at home. This class had afternoon classes that started after lunch. I was so embarrassed in front of the teacher and the other parents. But for a mother, it's like a death sentence when a child drools and looks at others' food.

Gocha: That was two years ago. Now I've grown up and can endure when my stomach hurts. Mom is embarrassed, but I'll tell you, aunt, what we need. We don't have any cabinets in the kitchen. We don't have any furniture except for beds. If you don't need it, bring it to us, and I'll invite friends over. I won't be ashamed anymore.

- Tamila, what would you say to the people who have helped you and will continue to help in the future?

Tamila: Thank you very much! Perhaps, even in the blessed Georgian language, there is no suitable word to describe the feeling I experience when I see your support. I love you because you read stories of others' hardships attentively and help completely unfamiliar people. I'm crying again...  What can I do, I cry sometimes from sadness, sometimes from joy.

Beka is once again waiting for your kindness and love.

Dear friends, this family still needs your help. It's impossible to count how many things the children still lack.  They are good students - very diligent.  Think about how many things you bought your kids before the new school year started and how many more you'll buy during it. Don't forget about these cheerful, wonderful boys.  Perhaps, there is a place for them in your hearts and a gift in your basket.  Together, we can do great things!

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.

Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, and talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy!

Friends, thanks again to each of you!

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Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life:  0901200270! God bless you!

 Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them! 

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