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father brings up seven children all alone!

For more than 5 years ChernovetskiyFund has been taking care of people who were unlucky in their life and who left one by one with their sorrow.
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For more than 5 years ChernovetskiyFund has been taking care of people who were unlucky in their life and who left one by one with their sorrow.

The story of the large Vekua family which we would like to tell you is very bitter and sad. Ruslan Vekua, father of seven children, couldn’t start to tell his story for a long time, he choked with tears and could hardly control himself.

“… That day children called me and said that mother is still sleeping and that she did not wake up yet. Immediately I felt that something was wrong. I rushed home from work… Maya laid motionless in bed, children were sitting quiet and did not know that they had no mother any more… At that time Lika, the eldest daughter, was 10 years old, and Liza, the smallest Liza was just 5 months old. The children did not know yet that their mother will never hug them and kiss any more …  I still don’t know how I managed to contain myself and how my heart did not break. Since then two years passed, and these were the two most complicated and terrible years!”.

It was a happy family where love and harmony reigned. Ruslan worked, participated in building of churches and monasteries all over Georgia. However, the family idyll was destroyed by the sudden illness of Maya. In some 3 months it brought to death the mother of seven children. 10-year old Lika, 9- year old Luka, 7-year old Vika, 5-year old Georgiy, 4-year old Ilya, 2-year old Mariam and 5-months old Liza were left orphans.

Father Ruslan had nothing else to do but to pull himself together and not to show his tears to children. He took all responsibility for bringing up children. The eldest daughter helped him in everything: in cooking, cleaning and taking care of the little baby.

The harrowing sorrow of loss of a close person is aggravated by hard living conditions and disastrous lack of means for subsistence!

After his wife’s death Ruslan cannot find a regular job, as he brings up 7 little children all by himself! He makes both ends meet by earnings at building sites. Even there little Liza, who is 2 years old now, never leaves his side.

“Lizy is always with me, we go to work together, and fishing, and to the wood to collect firewood as well”, – says Ruslan and hugs Liza who is sitting on his lap and does not want to go.

They live in an unfinished house. Despite the hard living conditions, their dwelling is clean, floors are wiped, beds are done, and children are tidy and neatly dressed.

“It is so difficult for me to earn the living of my seven children, all alone, without a fixed income! Sometimes we even have to go to bed hungry. Over these 2 years I never bought sweets or ice-cream for them. Not to mention dolls and cars…

I beg all kind people to help us survive this complicated period in our life. The children will grow up soon, I will manage to find a job, and our family will stand on its own feet”.

We, all the Georgian community, ought to help these miserable children who lost their mother, and to support their selfless father, who struggles alone to give the most necessary things to his seven kids!

For this reason our “Social Partnership” Fund initiates a charitable action for fund raising for the large Vekua Family! We earnestly ask everyone to join and lend them a helping hand! These children are in a great need for food products, clothes, shoes, school supplies and hygiene products!

If you have a possibility to provide financial aid, you can transfer money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Vekua Family) or pay directly from our web-site

Although we will not be able to return the mother to these wonderful children, but it is within our power to facilitate their life and to give them a hope for future!

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