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family trying to survive 8 GEL per day!

October 24, 2016       746
In Chernovetsky Foundation "Social Partnership" asked Giuli Talalashvili with a newborn baby in her arms to help her survive
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Project completed!

In Chernovetsky Foundation "Social Partnership" asked Giuli Talalashvili with a newborn baby in her arms to help her survive the 6 children.

From what you see in their home can barely hold back the tears! Ragged walls, a concrete floor, the ceiling collapsed, broken furniture. In the family, there is only one chair! Therefore, the children take turns to do their homework and eat. For heating their home for money from family there! Old gas heater include only occasionally, when children begin to freeze from cold hands!

Washing machines and hot water in the house is not, so things for six children have to wash your hands in cold water. And my mother Giuli dreaded the onset of winter, when the tap is flowing icy water!

Once upon a time, after the tragic death of his young daughter, Giulia and Ivan Talalashvili we promised each other that they will have as many children as God sends them.

Now in the family 6 nicest kids! They learn they are excellent and have a lot of diplomas and prizes! Shmagi eldest son wants to become a farmer and ensure the whole family to the younger brother and sister have forgotten what hunger! Maggie wants to go to medical school and treat children. Tamara, who just turned 8 years old, wants to go on painting, but that poor families do not always have money even for bread, and about albums and paint them and do not have to dream! 7-year-old Elena would like to become a ballerina and perform at the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre. Little Nino 5 years old, she goes to kindergarten, and dreams that the house was always as warm as in the garden. Levan And only one month, he still has no idea in what terrible conditions he will have to grow ...

Family Talalashvili is trying to get out of this disastrous situation: the father all day earns the loader, the laborer. The average family income is only 8 GEL per day! Just think about this figure: 8 GEL for eight people per day!

This money is not enough either for food or for children's clothes, nor for school supplies! Even little Tamara, which has recently sharply deteriorated health, the parents can not pay for tests and examination to make a diagnosis and begin treatment!

Once a day, from the social canteen they bring meager lunch, but for all children it is absolutely not enough. These poor kids are not hearsay know what hunger is, why even ordinary bread for them it is a treat!

Despite all the horrors of life, sincere smiles of these wonderful children overshadow all the terrible poverty and impenetrable squalor that surrounds them!

We can not remain indifferent to this heartfelt plea for help! In our hands the fate of the 6 children! Only we can help them!

Chernovetsky Fund "Social Partnership" begins a charity event to raise funds for a large family Talalashvili. We kindly ask everyone to stand together and lend a hand! Your even the smallest assistance to help them survive!

If you have the opportunity to provide financial assistance, the money can be credited to the account or GE15TB7194336080100003 GE64BG0000000470458000 Fund (purpose: Talalashvili family) or pay directly from our site

Do not remain indifferent, do good for the poor kids, and it is sure to come back to you and to your children!

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