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Five kids might be left orphans!

March 29, 2017       4461
Shalva Abuladze - father of five children, begging for help! Story of his family struck into horror the entire personnel of our foundation!
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In 21st century, there is not a single minute for “insignificant” things. We are completely obsessed with out worries, never noticing life, which happens just next to us. We worry about minor things: could not buy new shoes – terrible, could not go to the sea – disaster, have not been at a restaurant with friends for a long time … Meanwhile one cannot sleep at night because of terrible pain, another  has to die in 30 because of cancer, the other is left without mum in 5…

If you do care, we can show you another world, tell you about the children, who do not need brand new iPhone to be happy; they only want their mum to live!

Shalva Abuladze - father of five children referred to Chernovetsky Charity Foundation, begging for help! Story of his family struck into horror the entire personnel of our foundation!

“I am orphan”, – Shalva started to tell his story. “When Lali and I married, we wanted badly to have many children, and God gave us five wonderful boys. We were immensely happy. All we wanted was a daughter. I worked hard in order my family had everything, but…” and then Shalva burst into tears and could not say a word.

Two years ago his wife Lali, pregnant with fifth baby was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer). Probably not everyone could have born that! Shalva had to leave his job to take care of the children and sick wife. In 2016, Lali underwent the first operation, and in a year another one… treatment went well, giving positive outcomes; she managed to move on independently. However, as the family had no money for expensive medicines, they had to stop the therapy.

Now the standing of the family Abuladze is terrible: they have no money! Kind people and neighbors bring them food. Children are starving, but they understand mum cannot survive without medicines!

Shalva is desperate. He does everything not to show his feelings to his wife, takes care of the children, cooks, washes, bathes the kids and takes them to sleep. He takes care of his wife, trying to encourage her...

Five children: 8 years old Ilia, 7 years old Tornike, 5 years old Luka, 3 years old Andria and 1 year old Demetre beg kind people for help! They do not want their mum to die! They are constantly near her and little Andria even sleeps with her. He is always by her side, and when mum falls asleep, he puts his head on her chest listening her heart beating.

Chernovetsky Charity Foundation launches the action to raise funds for family Abuladze. We shall support and help them! In order to survive, the family needs badly medications for Lali, food, hygienic means, medicines for kids, wood and clothes for kids!

If you can help financially, you can transfer money to the account of the Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 (purpose: Family Abuladze) or pay directly at our site

As the Holly Easter is coming, please show mercy and kindness!

Donating even insignificant amount, you will give a chance not only to one woman to survive, you will rescue five little boys who dream of their mum to live!

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