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Tragedy of Bokuchava Family

These children do not want to recall their mother, and if they do, they start crying and want to forget about her as soon as possible.
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"Mother" is a very special word. It is born together with us; it accompanies us in the years of growing-up and adulthood. Mother's place in our life is extremely important. We always bring her our joy and pain, and find understanding with her, as mother's love is incomparable with any other feeling...

But the children who we would like to tell you about do not want to recall their mother, and if they do, they start crying and want to forget about her as soon as possible. No, their mother did not die, she is alive, the only thing is that she has left them...

Three years ago 5-year old Lizi, 9-year old Mari and 12-year old Saba lived through the biggest stress which a child could survive. Their own mother abandoned them; she left and never returned again.

When without saying a word their mother ran away from their home and left three little children, the heart of the father of the family – Mindia Bokuchava – sank, blood flushed to his face, and a heart attack happened. He could not explain where was the mother to the children who asked him questions. Why did not she come? Why did she leave? Could it be that she would never return?

Mindia could not find an explanation to this act. The wife could leave him, but not three little innocent children - he just could not believe this... He could not calm down his children, and this pain penetrated his soul as deeply as a knife, and it became the cause of one, and then another heart attack.  He actually became disabled.

Mindia took the duties of a mother. He cooks – when he has products! He does laundry when he has clothes! He takes care of the children even when strong heart pain is felt in hands, and he can hardly move his legs.

It is difficult to express in words how poor the family is. Three children live with their father in unimaginable poverty. Dilapidated barrack with cracked walls and leaking roof, mold on the ceiling and shaky furniture is their dwelling. This dwelling depresses and shocks anyone who sees it.

When mother left, Lizi had only 2 years old, and thus she does not remember her. Probably this is even better, as Mari, who had her 7th birthday on that fatal day, remembers the mother quite well, but does her best to forget her. The offense was so grave that the girl repeats to herself even now: "I don't have a mother, I don't have a mother, my father is my mother".

And 12-year old Saba totally retreated into himself, he became self-reserved, he does not speak to anybody; at school he sits still and quiet, and if a teacher asks him - "Saba, what's wrong with you?" – he answers with tears full of perplexity and child's grief.

270 lari of social allowance is everything the Bokuchava family can account for. This is the tiny amount which holds the ill father and his three children from dying, but not more. The children are often starving; in rainy weather they do not go to school as they do not have rain-proof shoes and clothes. They pass days in a damp premises close to a hand-made stove. By the way, all this goes on in a resort town Ureki - a place which became full of luxury houses over the last few years... But it does not come upon anyone's mind to render some simple assistance to this miserable family... Maybe, they just do not notice them!

Dear friends, Mindia Bokuchava and his children need everything: food, clothes, furniture, school accessories, bed clothes, household appliances, and the father, in addition, needs expensive medicines. If you have a possibility to lend a helping hand to this poor family and to the children abandoned by their mother, you can donate money to our Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Mindia Bokuchava) or pay from our web-site

You can as well transfer money from terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. In Charity section find our Fund.

Do not grudge a good deed for a person in need when your hand is capable of helping!

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