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The cemetery became their home!

These children have been living in the cemetery for 3 years, and instead of playing rides they play on graves. All the dead are known by name ...
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The story which we will tell you now is taken from our real life. It moves us so deeply that you feel it deep in your heart with pain and bewilderment – could it happen in our days?

Several years ago Pridonashvili family lived in Kakheti: happy parents brought up two little daughters, Natalia and Nina. Their joy had no limits when they learned that in 9 months their family would grow bigger. But very soon sad news fell upon the young family. The father was diagnosed with a horrible illness.

What would not one do to save the life of the dearest person?! She had to save her husband. The family sold all their belongings and moved to Tbilisi...

Unfortunately, the treatment was not helpful, and after a long and painful illness the father passed away, and several months later the beautiful Naniko was born. Thus the young mother was left with three little children, without a roof over their head and without any means for existence...

At first they lived at the place of their distant relatives, then they rented an apartment; but when all the money was spent, despair led Rusudan to Dampalo cemetery in Tbilisi suburbs. Here she found a shabby building of former guardhouse and moved in the dwelling with her children. At first it was very horrible, but then they got used to it... As the dead would not hurt you as the alive... They would not betray you... They would not lie to you...

The children sleep right on the concrete floor. The ceiling is covered with cellophane and cardboard. It will save them during rains at least a bit. But the windows have no glass, and there are plastic bags instead of it...

As they have no warm clothes, 8-year old Natalia cannot go to school. 3-year old Nina and 2-year old Naniko are often underfed and constantly sick because of penetrating wind and horrible dampness.

Rusudan and her daughters live with a tiny social allowance and orphanage pension which suffice only for simple food and just for several days, and the rest days of the month they are simply starving and waiting for mercy from good people.

Life is the most expensive thing a person has, and a good should would always lend a helping hand to a living being. When little Natalia found a dying kitten at the cemetery gate she could not just pass by. She took it home, to the shed, to be precise. They took care and recovered this pretty creature all together; they did not let it die, and they shared their food with it...

Rusudan Pridonashvili and her daughters are in an extremely miserable situation. They receive no help, and the young mother sank into a profound despair. But she still believes that she will manage to bring up the girls as decent and kind people!

You are the only hope for this poor family.

Dear friends, if you are touched by this story, you can transfer money to provide assistance, to buy beds, warm winter clothes and food to the Fund account GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: Rusudan Pridonashvili) or pay directly from the Fund web-site.

You can also donate money through quick payment terminal NovaTechnology, TBCpay, LibertyPay and ExpressPay. Enter Charity section and select our Fund.

Charity is a sign coming from above!

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