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A hungry childhood

God forbid to live and bring up children in a cold and damp little room, with shabby walls and with broken furniture
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"I would like to fall asleep and not wake up. I'm so tired, but who will look after my children? How am I afraid for their future ?! "
These words belong to a young woman - a single mother with many children, who has four young children in her arms. On the fragile shoulders of Nino fell all the burdens of unsettled life and personal life. It is woeful to her that she can not properly take care of children, give at least what they need in the first place!
You can imagine how your mother's heart is broken when hungry children ask for food, which she simply does not have. Yes what to say, very often there is not even anything to buy bread or pasta. A scanty social benefit Nino and her children have enough for a week. Yes, it is one week they more or less syty bread, watery soups and even can afford tea with sugar. So what is next? And then you need to live somehow before the next benefit, endure, so as not to die of hunger!
"That's when you have everything, people to reach for you ... Maybe now is the time when everyone for themselves and your problems are of no interest to anyone", - says Nino, being in complete despair. Although deep down she believes that all the same this world is not without good people and with God's help, she will not remain alone with hunger and poverty.

The conditions in which the family of Pavlenishvili live are striking in their catastrophic nature. God forbid to live and bring up children in a cold and damp little room, with shabby walls and broken furniture. Such conditions are truly fraught with danger to health. Moreover, the sewer pipe under the floor is damaged and the feces often "pour" the coma, leaving a terribly unpleasant stench and mucus.
My God, how can this young woman get out of such a miserable situation? How can one believe that "where there is an entrance, there is always a way out".
Friends, now the moment when you can save this large family. Your help, even a small one, has such a powerful force that it can overcome the poverty and sadness of a young mother, make black clouds in her life disappear forever!
If you have a desire to help Nino and her young children, then you can transfer funds to the account of our Foundation GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (Purpose: the family of Pavlenishvili). You can also transfer money directly through the website of our Foundation
You can also donate money through the fast payment terminals NovaTechnology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Go to the "Charity" section and choose our Fund. (You can find the payment methods by clicking on the link https: // goo. Gl / GY2Gus). And sometimes I feel that nobody needs me.
The good that we do to others, the good it serves us!

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