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Children from a ghost house!

Often the children are starving because sometimes there is not a single piece of bread at home!
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This is not footage from a horror movie, but you probably have seen such things only in scary movies. Creepy old dilapidated house, windows with broken glass; it is difficult even to approach the building. Black mold covers all the walls, the floor has holes... one step on the "wrong" board and you can fall through.... it is even dangerous, and the Gabunia with four young children live in this house... although their existence can hardly be called a life!
It seems that everybody has forgotten about them... Relatives, close people and the state! They've turned into ghosts in their own home, and they seem to be used to it. They have their own world, and no one cares of it; they even do not dream of getting out of it.
Often the children are starve because sometimes there is not a single piece of bread at home! So they lead their miserable existence, looking into the hands of good people!
This family has 4 wonderful kids, 4 angels, which have not seen anything but misery since birth. 
The youngest Gabriel is 4 months old – unlike his elder brothers and sisters, he still does not understand the terrible conditions in which he has to grow up! Giga is 4 years old, his only toy was found in the junkyard, it is a broken car without wheels! 5-year-old Ilona has never tasted ice cream in her life – she does not even know the taste of this usual delicacy for all of us! Nikoloz is 12 years old; he has no whole shoes or clothes to go to school! he grew up early and helps his father if he has any hard work.
Father Akakiy has only casual earnings. He earns 5-10 lari per day and uses this money to buy bread for children, so they do not cry of hunger. These poor kids ask their parents the same question every day.: "Are we going to eat today or not?!".
Extra words are simply inappropriate here! Look at the photos, you will see all the horror and hopelessness of the situation of this unfortunate family in which children are deprived of childhood!
We have no right to remain indifferent to this heartbreaking poverty! The fate of 4 children is in our hands! Only we can help them.   
The Gabunia family is very pious; the parents believe that if the Lord has given them the children, He will help them to keep afloat and raise them as worthy citizens of their country, and good and compassionate people will surely come to help!
 Leila Gabunia, the grandmother of the five children, told us about their hard life: 
– Leila, where do you take money for living? 
Leila Gabunia: Social allowance and the disability pension of my children in the amount of 600 lari is the only source of income for 7 people! It is spent on bread and pasta, and sometimes we can afford potatoes... And pay for electricity. 
My son was born with health problems. But he loves his family very much and if there is at least some work he does not remain idle. He is a handyman, but he cannot find a job. 
– How do the children live in this house, it's dangerous!
Gabunia Leila: Yes, once little Giga almost fell through the floor. God saved the boy! In winter they are often ill, we literally live in the street. No windows, no beds – we sleep on the floor. 
– And do the authorities help you? 
Gabunia Leila: We repeatedly asked for help to cover the roof, but I was always refused. Maybe they will listen to you, maybe you will ask for us?
 – We will surely write them a letter, they must help their electors! Leila, where are you dreaming of? 
Leila Gabunia: My most cherished dream is that children are healthy, never get sick and study well, so that they are able to pull themselves out of this hopeless darkness! 
The kids are starving, and if we can't help them get back on their feet, they're going to die. Can we really let the kids living in Georgia, next to us, die of hunger? For them, even a piece of bread is a special treat!
The only thing that parents ask is that their children not to starve, that they can eat at least twice a day and sleep peacefully at night, without anxiety, that the children would wake up at night because of hunger and would not fall asleep until the morning.
Chernovetskyi Charitable Fund initiates a campaign to raise funds for the large family of Gabunia. To survive, the family is in dire need of food, hygiene products, medicines for children, furniture and household appliances! Any of your help, even the smallest one, will help them to survive!
“There are people who make a terrible sin, posting the following words on our page: "why did she give birth, if she had no money?" Our answer is – because God wanted it to be so! To make his angels on earth more numerous, and to make us show our Christian qualities: love and compassion!” (Leonid Chernovetskyi)
You can personally visit this family and provide assistance. The children and their parents will be merely happy! This is their address: Kuboleti municipality, village Nakaidzeebi, tel.: 595 01 02 65.
And if you have no time to visit them you can transfer money to our Fund account: GE15TB7194336080100003 or GE64BG0000000470458000 (purpose: Gabunia family). You can also transfer money from our website. We report for each spent tetri in detail in the next post about this family!
Help the needy, give them warmth, hope and thus extend their life!

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