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April 21, 2020
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It turned out family when their breadwinner: a loving husband and caring father of the Spartak family, was cursed to death by a damned car
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!

At last I have my own Fairy Godmother who has fulfilled all my dreams!

From now on and for many years the Chernovetskyi Fund has become the "Fairy Godmother" for 12-year-old Mariam and her two younger sisters… 

Just two months ago, when we first received a message from poor Mariam, her family was starving, and the three sisters had to huddle in a tiny bed and literally sleep on top of each other. The girl wrote to us about the hard life of her family from someone else's computer… She wrote with the hope that her favorite fairy tale about Cinderella will come true someday, the Fairy Godmother will also fly to her and wave a magic wand to fulfill all her wishes...

And Mariam's hopes were fulfilled! Now the girl has her own tablet, from which she sends gratitude letters to her personal Fairy! The girl thanks the fairy for the new large bed, and the "biiiiig" plasma TV, and "an awful lot of goodies"…

– Well, girls, tell us! How has your life changed after we published an article about you?

Mariam (12 years old): It has changed sooo much! Thank you very much! I am so proud of myself that I wrote to you then, and I believed that we would be helped… No one at home believed in a miracle, and I didn't give up! Now, I feel like I can do anything! I could even become President! I was like in a fairy tale, you know… I'm like Cinderella, and you're my Fairy Godmother! Bang! And there stands a bed, a TV, a tablet, and food!

We were brought a lot of food, my mother is constantly preparing something delicious! But the most important thing is the enormous bed. Look how large it is! It would even fit an elephant! (laughs). It is very cool, my sisters Liza (7 years old) and Anastasia (6 years old) can easily fit in and still have room, but we still do not let my mother in – we have our own secrets…

Do you know how we used to sleep? Right on top of each other, it was so crammed… But it was warm, and we warmed each other.

Lizzie (7 years old): Yes, the bed is cool, but the TV-set is better! Now I watch cartoons even from the other end of the room! Previously, I had to sit right in front of the screen to see something, it was so small…

But there is still one problem! My mother likes to watch TV series and I have to watch THIS instead of cartoons, so that my mother does not offend. And she looks and sometimes says to me: "Look, what a beautiful boy, I want you to marry him." I don't want to get married yet…

Mariam (12 years old): You are stupid ,Lizzie, what are talking about! Let me tell you how much I liked the tablet you gave me.

There are so many useful things you can do on it! I'm reading and studying on it. As far as I couldn't watch online lessons, I thought that I would definitely not be able to go to the next grade and study with my classmates. And now I have a tablet and everything will get better – I know!

And more (goes to a whisper), my sisters and I have downloaded different games on it. Don't tell mother, okay? We play and have fun, well, very little… Lizzie and Anastasia like to watch cartoons on TV more – it's so big.

– Mariam, did you manage to catch up with your schoolmates using your new tablet?

Mariam (12 years old): You know that I had to skip school this year... But now, at last, I can contact my teachers. They explain тe the topics that my classmates have already passed. Sometimes I search the Internet for information myself and read a lot. I want to catch up with the program and really hope that something can be done so that I can go to the next class with everyone. I don't want to lose a whole year...

– Mariam, you will succeed, you will see! I see Anastasia is anxious to talk to me.

Anastasia (6 years old): They talk so much! (looks reproachfully at the sisters) I'm small and they think I don't have anything to say, and I say, T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U! Now we can play on the tablet and watch TV right from the bed. We even don't need to get up in the morning from the bed, one click on the remote control and cartoons are on! When we had the old tiny one, we couldn't see anything from the  bed…

– What else made you happy?

Anastasia (6 years old): Various goodies… And it's so good when we're all happy. Even my mother started to smile a little, and then she kept crying every day.

– I'd like to ask your mother, how has your life changed after we published an article about you?

– My girls recalled that they are children! I thought they had forgotten what a smile was… And now they are finally like the carefree children they were before their father died 6 years ago, before all the hell that happened to us all after the tragedy…

– Thea, did anyone other than the Fund help you? Do you remember their names?

Thea: Yes, dear, I remember. But first I'll tell you about the people from the Fund – their names were Nino and David. They are amazing people, so warm, so good, they have done so much. They have brought so much food…

Another woman came, her name was Guliko, and she brought a lot of food. Once the article on the website of the Fund was published, people came from the administration of Nadzaladevi Region; they also brought food.

No one else came, probably because of the quarantine. But I know that many people have helped us through your Fund. I want to express my gratitude to all of them! Nobody paid attention to us before the Fund! Nobody! And now the children are happy; they are not hungry, I haven't seen them like this for a long time. Their happiness is the main thing for me!

– Maybe you have any other problems that our readers can help you solve…

Thea: It's embarrassing to say this, but how can the problems end? However, thanks to you, we have come to the surface at least a little, if not for you, we would have remained somewhere at the bottom. We lived like in a den: no normal TV, no bed for the children, we had nothing. It was a horror that the children had to endure. You made their lives easier…

  But we do need help – my youngest daughter Taso is suffering from a lumbar hernia and needs surgery. Can we do something about it? I don't know, I trust in the Lord and in you! I am ashamed to ask again, but for my daughter's sake I will ask a hundred times and crawl on my knees…

– I am sure that this problem will be solved – Taso will definitely be healthy! There are so many kind and sympathetic people on earth. – What does this support from other people mean personally for you?

Thea: Many things... I have already lost heart, and if it weren't for the girls, I probably wouldn't be here anymore. So I'm tired of everything… I have already accepted that no one needs us, that there are no good people anymore. But your Fund proved me wrong. It made me believe that there are still people in the world who care about others. People who perceive someone else's grief as their own. I thank you very much for all that you have done for us and I will never forget it. You're the only ones who noticed us. You have done more for us than our country! Many thanks to all those who did not remain indifferent. God sees all this and will thank everyone! Honestly, you have pulled us out of the abyss!

– I hope you'll be all right! Can I ask Mariam one last question? Mariam, tell me, are you happy now?

Mariam (12 years old): When I wrote to you, I had my last hope... and yet it was justified… I can't describe my emotions, I was so happy when I saw the tablet, TV, bed, food... a lot of food… Yes, now I feel happy and even... powerful! I was not afraid to write to you – and here is the result! Thank you for this!


And if you feel heavy at heart because of everyday problems, or unresolved issues, take a moment to look at our posts on FB. Our problems are nothing compared to the problems of this family! Here it is, a real grief! It is before your eyes! And thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Every time you dial the phone of another unfortunate person, you will definitely feel God's blessing on the back side! It is for sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

 Your kindness is a chance to be happy in everything!

Dear friends, thank you so much once again!

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Let's think that by helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to the Lord through the very sufferings that we experience for others!

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