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September 7, 2020
“Please, don’t interrupt me, let me finish, dear!” - warns me from the doorway Maya Samadalashvil, a beautiful Georgian woman. She is seriously ill and has long been on the verge of death, but cannot allow herself to die and leave her sick mother.
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“Please, don’t interrupt me, let me finish, dear!”- warns me from the doorway Maya Samadalashvil, a beautiful Georgian woman. She is seriously ill and has long been on the verge of death, but cannot allow herself to die and leave her sick mother.

“Lord, Lord,” she laments through her tears, “damned tube in my throat! Look how awful it is! If it suddenly breaks, I will die right in front of my mother! And she will just follow me killed by the grief. This scares me most of all!

My mommy, you know how good she is? A pure soul, - she continues, - suffering so much!

When she got sick, my father died of grief.My brother followed him soon, and I’m hiding, trying not to cry in front of my mother. Diseases kill us. I pray to Lord asking for only one thing every day: send good people to help us, do not let us die in torment. Lord, do not leave us, sinners! Please help!” - the devoted daughter says hurryingly in order to have enough time to tell me everything! 

“I have heard that the Fund has a lot of good friends who never leave those in trouble. And I believe they will save us from the chasm…” - Maya Samadalashvilisays.

Misfortunes fell upon Samadalashvili family, and now their only hope is the generosity and understanding of their compatriots, the noble Georgian people! 

Several years ago, Maya Samadalashvili (40-year-old) lost her father and soon her brother as well. The family experienced a terrible tragedy! But their misfortunes continued. Every day the situation was getting worse. Now Maya (40-year-old) can breathe only through a tube in her throat while her mother Marina (63-year-old) is bedridden. 

The sick daughter can hardly take care of her mother, who is unable to move and she dreams about only thing: Lord! Give us health to earn our daily bread! 

At the moment the family is deprived of everything: food, medications, basic living conditions. Marina Samadashvili needs to undergo a rehabilitation course, otherwise she will be unable to stand on her feet anymore. 

I have never thought that my fate will be so evil, that it will steal our health, our means to live, that it will take our dear people, - poor Maya cries. My only hope is for good people and Lord, who will help us!

- Maya, tell me please, what problem made you address our Fund? 

Maya: I don’t know what to start with. Misfortunes have fallen on our family. The death of my dad and my brother, diseases, financial problems. We have never been rich. But our situation now is just critical.

The most that worries me is that my mother needs medications after she has been operated on, but I cannot buy them. Besides the medications she needs crutches, a walker, hygiene items and proper food. However, sometimes I have no money even for bread (sobs).

Mom suffers so much of hellish pains, she is bedridden, and she wants to get back to her feet. She needs special care all the time, I can’t leave her unattended and start work. We have to spend both pension and social allowance for mom’s medications.

A have serious health problems too - an airway obstruction, a can breathe only with a tube in my throat.It is curable, however, I need to be operated, but as you know, I have no money for that.

Maya, can you tell me more about the diseases you and your mother have been suffering from? How and when did it start?

Maya: It started… It’s terrible to recall. In 2008 my father suddenly died, and then my brother too. The heart! My brother needed an urgent heart transplantation. We knew about that when he found himself in hospital. And he died the same day. You probably understand the problems associated with transplantation. We had no chance to save him! (cries)

It was then when I lost my voice for the first time, but I thought it was because of the extreme stress. Unfortunately, things were getting worse: I used to lose my voice quite often and besides that, my leg began to hurt, and over time I became unable to move. 

Lord! I was treated in many places! I have heard so many diagnoses! Cancer! Bone tuberculosis! One could die just hearing these words. 

But God is merciful. None of the diagnoses was confirmed. God gave me a wonderful surgeon, who took off the liquid from my leg. Nobody knows what it was. As for the throat, I have airway obstruction. When I finally got to a proper doctor, he said I needed an urgent operation, because my airways are needle-wide. What do you think, the reason for that was? I had an unhappy marriage, my husband used to beat me mercilessly and grab me by my throat at every quarrel. This is the result!

I need to change the dressing twice a week, I need to take out the tube and insert it back, because this way the airways expand. But I had an unhappy experience when the nurse had done something wrong, which affected my voice cords and caused a kind of growth there.Now I put up with it to the end, and visit the doctor once a year, furthermore, each manipulation costs about 150 GEL.

Maya, when did your mother get sick?

Maya: I don’t remember exactly. The problem is that we do not have money for the examination. I don't know what to think, but the disease broke her completely!Initially, the pains just prevented her from walking, but in February this year, she came down completely!

Thanks to the state, they completely financed her operation. Mom had a hip prosthesis. The operation was successful but for the further result she needs to take medication treatment, she has to walk with crutches and a walker regularly. It totally costs 800 GEL. 625 for pills and the rest for the used crutches and walker. Besides that, a bedridden patient also needs hygienic aids and nutritious food.

You mentioned your unhappy marriage, could you tell me more about that?

Maya: I don’t like to talk about that. The memories still hurt. I was young, I dreamed of love and a happy family. We met at the exam of my fellow student. We had been going out for a month and then we got married. I was not lucky, my husband turned out to be a despot, he used to beat me regularly and mercilessly. I put up with that for a long time, I thought that the main thing in life was family. But once my mother noticed the traces of beatings, she interfered and took me to her place. The divorce was painful and took long. But I handled all of this because my goal was to put my son on his feet. 

Have you ever thought that such misfortunes would happen to you? How did you imagine your future?

Maya: I used to work a lot, as a cashier, waitress, administrator. I used to earn good money. At least we had never lived in misery. And now... God help! My health problems ended that up. Now we are just beggars!

Maya, tell me more about your son.

Maya: He is very talented and very diligent. But unfortunately, when he was graduating from school and needed my support, I got sick. Everything went the wrong way. I did not manage to give him proper education, a profession. As soon as he graduated from school he started working as a waiter. He was earning pennies, but he brought everything home. Now he works as the host in a restaurants, but the pandemic deprived him even of this modest income, the money he earns is barely enough for his transportation and our bread.

Did you try to address local authorities for help?

Maya: Many times! As you see, our small house is dilapidated, the roof is leaking, there are no amenities. We can’t use the kitchen, the tap and the toilet are outside. I asked them to fix the roof, but with no results.

We are grateful that they have financed my mother’s surgery. I am also planning to appeal for financing my operation, hope they will help. Otherwise I don’t know how to live.

- Do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Maya: I do! Moreover, I’ve seen many proofs of it with my own eyes. When I was in hospital one of the officials visited me. He asked me how I felt and gave me 50 GEL. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name. The neighbors help with whenever they can. One of them even saved my life last winter. The tube in my throat broke and I had only 20 minutes to get to the hospital before I died. He took me there in the middle of the night and thus saved my life.

What do you believe in, what do you see as a salvation?

Maya: Only in God! Now I am deprived of the opportunity to go to church, because Mom needs 24-hour help. I have a confessor, and I pray at home all the time asking God to help us get on our feet and live a normal life!

- Does anybody help you? Your relatives, for instance?

Maya: Unfortunately, we have no such close people, so you are our only hope. I have heard that the Fund has many good friends, who never leave people in need. I hope they will save us from this abyss. 

- What is your family income? What’s it enough for?

Maya: At the moment, out income is 240 GEL. Mom bought a refrigerator in installments (several years ago), so she gets 180 GEL of her pension and 90 GEL of social allowance. What can it be enough for? I am already 300 GEL due at the grocery shop, we often have no electricity, because we are unable to pay for it. I buy only basic groceries: bread and cereals. What else? (Cries) I have already forgotten how other things taste.

- What is your biggest dream?

Maya: I want to put my Mom back on her feet, she and my son are my only family. I want to get well too to start working and keeping my family. Physical exertions are contraindicated for me, and I cannot leave my mother to my son. She needs permanent care, she cannot even go to the toilet on her own. You know what I mean. 

-What do you think, you need most in your home?

Maya: I feel so awkward to ask! If it were not for the extreme hardship, I would have never addressed you! But if I do not manage to find means for my mother’s rehabilitation, all our efforts will come to nothing, and her suffering will be endless. I will appreciate any help, but the most important thing now is my mother’s health. She needs medications, wet wipes, a walker, crutches, and... I don’t know how to say, every time she needs to go to the toilet becomes a torture for her. My mother will have to spend plenty of time laying, so I need some kind of mobile device near her bed.

 You see our conditions with your own eyes. The house looks as if it was going to collapse upon our heads, the roof leaks, we have no basic appliances, the gas stove does not work properly, I am afraid of gas leaks. The TV is out of order. We have no hot water. What am I talking about? We just have nothing to eat ... (cries)

- Why did you decide to address us?

Maya: I would never dare. I am not used to asking. But my friend wrote you and let me know about it afterwards. I am grateful to her. From your very first call hope came to me.

Our Fund has many good friends. Are you ready to meet them? 

Maya: Yes, of course! We often feel so lonely. Many people have turned their backs on me since I got sick and lost my job. I will be grateful even for a warm word of support! God bless you all! Thank you for coming and listening to me.


 Friends, Maya Samadalashvili and her mother Marina desperately need our support! Fate was cruel to them and these hardworking and kind people found themselves in an extremely difficult situation!

 The Lord entrusts their fate into our hands, and it depends on our mercy whether Marina Samadalashvili will be put on her feet.The family lives in poverty, and their health does not allow them to earn a living! 

 The Samadalashvili family desperately needs support, and first of all, Maya Samadalashvili's mother, Marina, needs medications, wet wipes, crutches, a walker and a portable toilet. Besides, their living conditions are unbearable, the roof is leaking, there is no running water, there is neither gas stove nor TV. We just have no moral right to pass by such a disaster.

 You can call Maya and cheer her up with the words of support. She will be happy! Phone: 555 023 078.

 You can also visit the Samadalashvili family. Their address is: Tbilisi, Nadzaladevi, 83B Saakadze street.

 Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request - if you know about any misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at: 

 Our Fund’s accounts are: 




(Purpose: Samadalashvili family). 

You can also transfer money from our website.

It is also possible to transfer money from Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link )

We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Samadalashvili family, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One call saves life - 0901 200 270

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