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Look, look, what a delicious tablecloth we have!

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September 29, 2020
-joking or not little Lizi says as soon as I enter. “So many sweets and cookies on it! I can look at it for hours! Most of all I like that chocolate, especially when the bread is not good.” And she points her finger to the tablecloth. This joke does make me really uncomfortable...
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Mommy does not cry anymore

“I wrote a letter to Santa and asked him for a car with a remote control,” says seven-year-old David. - And mommy told me not to wait, because he may not come. That probably he is sick with some “corona”. That's not true! Santa is not sick with corona. He has no time for that! Look what he brought me! It’s cool, isn’t it? This is the coolest car! "

“He brought me boots from Bambino, - Lizi can’t wait to show us the present she’s got. - Do you like it? I will put it on when I go for a visit. Ma’am, Nini wants to show you her new sneakers. Let's go and look, or she will get upset".

 “Guys, guys, let us talk, - their mother Tamara smiles. - They are so happy, and they want to share their happiness immediately. We used to live alone, no one was particularly interested in our problems. And suddenly we got so much attention, care, warmth, love. You brought me back my faith in people!"

The Kirtadze family had become a subject of close attention by our readers after the Chernovetskyi Fund published a post about them.Tamara told us what happened to them in recent months.

 “To be honest, I did not expect such a response,” she says. - God forgive me, but I used to be disappointed in people. I often cried. But now I see - I was mistaken, I jumped to conclusions. When complete strangers call, write to you, come, ask what you and your children need, you feel awkward that you used to think that way. And they not only ask you - they really help you. Thanks to their transfers, we got a washing machine, two beds, a lot of food. I haven't bought some of them for years: chocolate paste and bars, condensed milk, sprats. Well... Kids feasted, of course. But my eyes lit up when I saw useful supplies: eggs, butter, milk, potatoes, rice, oat, pasta."

David: Mom, you forgot to say about cookies and sausage. We still have one Nutella jar left.

Tamara: Wait a minute, Datuna, I will tell everything. We just started talking.You may be surprised that I am listing the products in such detail. It is very pleasant when there is plenty of food at home and children eat full and feel home coziness. Isn’t it? All thanks to kind hearts.

- We are glad to hear that your feel calm. And we would like to learn more about visits of our readers.

Tamara: Well, a nice woman named Guro (her complete name is Guranda) came to visit us from Batumi. She covered the distance to Gori and back for our sake! Incredible! She learned our story from her friend, and together with her friends she decided to help us. Guro brought us 10 kg of potatoes, carrots, bananas, rice, pasta, butter, bread, beef, and all kinds of sweets by her car. In addition to that she gave us 50 GEL. When her car stopped near our house, my children rushed to meet her. They are very open and sensitive. They understand everything and always try to express their gratitude, to show their warmth.

Marika is also planning to come for visit us from Batumi. Actually, it is she who told Gurada the story about our family. Wonderful Sopho from Tinishidi village came to visit us together with her mother Ia. They came twice. For the first time, they brought us chicken legs (three kilograms), tolma, cutlets (semi-processed food), sunflower oil, jam, preserves for the winter. The second time they came in December, before my baby's birthday - Nini turned three on January 1st. Sopho is very attentive - she brought a gift for Nini, and lots of clothes and other stuff for us: ten pairs of trousers, three puffy jackets, a blanket. He says that together with her colleagues she will get mattresses for us too.

- I would like to know more about the personal representative of Santa. Who did come on his behalf?

David: Mommy, let me tell!

Tamara: Okay, Datuna.

David: Ma’am, first the journalists from Mtavari Arkhi (Main Channel) came. They were so kind! Can you tell them many thanks from me? They asked what Santa brought to me. I said that he brought nothing. They probably have Santa’s phone number. They texted or called him. They asked him: "Why did you leave Datuna without a gift?" He felt ashamed and urgently sent us three gifts - to me, to Lizi, and to Nini.  A very kind lady from Tbilisi brought it to us.

- I think Santa will no longer be mistaken. You see, everything turned out great!

Tamara: A girl from Tbilisi, Mariam Kakhnishvili, watched our story on TV and called me with a question: "What do you want me to bring for your daughters?" She already knew about Datuna's dream - a car with a remote control. The girls needed shoes, so I said so. These boots for Lizi are from the Bambino store - they are beautiful, high quality and very expensive. I would not be able to purchase such. Nini’s sneakers have a massager. Have you noticed that?

You can’t imagine what happened when Datuna opened the box with the car! He was exited! He almost jumped up to the ceiling for joy. Lizi’s reaction was about the same. Mariam smiled and cried. She could not restrain herself - she was so touched by what was happening.

  Your posts always cause a public response; everything around us got in motion. The TV people addressed the mayor of Gori with the query of why we do not have electricity and water.

- I have one important question. Did we manage to influence the officials through our publication? Do you have electricity and water now? Or at least some solution to these problems has been found?

Tamara: I would like to mention the deputy Badri Batishvili. We are happy that we voted for him. He personally came and brought us food: a box of tangerines and apples, three packs of Fanta, Coca-Cola, Zedazeni, several chickens, honey, milk. Thank him very much for this!

The rest of them keep quiet! They probably have their own problems... They do not care about people like us ...

Could you, please, write a letter on behalf of your Fund to our Mayor Kote Tavzarashvili. The problem is that this house is not officially registered in my name. Officially we are homeless. Doesn't he understand this?! And the energy company Gori does not give us electricity without the mayor’s permission! We are talking about basic living conditions; about the most necessary things - using a TV and a washing machine. We don't have a hair dryer, mixer, vacuum cleaner, or other energy-consuming appliances.

- But why didn't you ask the deputy about that?

Tamara: I was embarrassed! He's such a good man ... I felt awkward to ask!

  We waited a long time, but now, as you can see, we have temporarily moved to a rented apartment in Tsminda Tskali. It has been three weeks since we moved. My children have been unable to attend online lessons since September. There was even a question about their expulsion from school. Is this our fault? I don't have a modern phone to sign in to Teams. I taught my children myself to the best of my ability. But I'm not a know-it-all, not a universal tutor. But some subjects are difficult even to me. My children are far behind the curriculum in English and math. I have no money for private teachers. My husband and I weighed up everything and decided that we had solve this problem, so live here for now. We pay 200 GEL for rent. Kids at least can access the internet from their netbooks. We took a washing machine and one bed with us. 

- Everything is okay with electricity in a rented apartment. So, you have probably tried how the washing machine works?

Tamara: I'm joking now that we have a new family member - the most tireless one. I can breathe again. I have a sick heart. Washing by hand, when there is such a volume of washing (there are six of us: me, my husband, three children, mother-in-law) is very difficult. My mother-in-law is also a sick person. She has high blood pressure, dizziness, she constantly takes medications. Recently she fell and injured her leg ... So, you helped us a lot! Besides that, you provided us with detergent powder.

Lizi: When mom is busy, she asks me to turn off the washing machine. I already know how to do that. I will ask her to teach me to turn it on and select the program.

Tamara: This is my smart girl. I am so happy that from her early age she was interested in housework. There is no need to beg her, she wants to know everything and be able to do.

- You have a chance to directly address our readers and tell them everything that is in your heart.

Tamara: My gratitude knows no bounds. I pray for each of you and ask God to protect you. You gave me back hope when I almost gave up, when I was in despair. You felt my heartache and stood next to me. If I had more opportunities, I would have done the same. It is a difficult time now. We are all tested. But love and compassion will save Georgia.

- You live in a rented apartment, so you have extra expenses now. What do you needed now, how can we help you?

Tamara: My baby’s health condition worries me more than the household troubles. Nini needs tomography and treatment. Doctors refuse to vaccinate her until an accurate diagnosis is made. They only prescribed her to take "atarax” regularly. Nini's treatment makes me and my husband worry. My husband is paid a pittance, I sometimes do the cleaning, I get paid 10 or 20 lari for this. It is money for bread. We can’t afford tomography, which costs 1800 GEL (Sighs.)

- But it is much easier to solve problems together, right? Let's not fall into despair and wait for the situation to develop. Lot of people read us. I am sure you will get an opportunity to examine your daughter.

Lizi: Are you already leaving, ma’am? Another time I would like to receive you in my house, in my beautiful room.

Nini: Give me a hug!

David (taking me aside): You will thank them all, okay?

- Yes, of course, Datuna.

David: My mom doesn't cry as much as she used to do. This I am most happy about.


The words of this little boy went deep into my soul, moved me to tears. Child's gratitude - isn't this the highest gratitude?!

  It makes you ask yourself - why ordinary people are kinder and more empathetic than most of those in power. Although, we have no power, but a call of our heart will not allow us to remain indifferent. Dear readers, thank you for never taking the position of an observer, not waiting for someone else to do good, to solve problems. You are the first to come for help. And I am sure that after reading this post, you will want to keep contacting Tamara and her children - you will call and visit them. They will sincerely and warmly welcome you. Children are eager to communicate and welcome guests. You will personally talk to Tamara and find the best way to help her family.

  Visit the family at: Gori, Tsminda Tskali settlement, 1 Tkviavi Str. The contact number is: 577-92-40-45.

    If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better dial the number of any of our beneficiaries. Call them and you will forget about your problems. Because they are nothing in comparison with the problems of those to whom you opened your good heart and came to help in the most difficult moment of their life.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with others!

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